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September 25 2009

(SPOILER) Hitfix reviews Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere. "Certainly one of the show's better hours and representing a strong focused direction". iFMagazine has a review of the episode as well.

Buh, there's a few factual errors in the review by Hitfix. Eliza isn't in Epitaph One much because she wasn't available for one thing (they shot E1 at the same time as Omega). Also, "Epitaph One" was shot with the idea of the network airing it, despite what is claimed here. The network and Home Entertainment might have had other ideas, but those involved believed it should and would air.
I got a useful tip from this. I'll probably be watching Vows with a friend who's never seen I know we need to watch Omega first.
And the TIME Magazine applauds the "outstanding performance from Amy Acker".

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