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September 25 2009

(SPOILER) Jamie Bamber talks "Vows". Spoilers for the Dollhouse season opener.

In the U.K., the jet would always be right off camera and we'd be in a waiting room and there'd be noises and everything would be implied.

This is true.
Do you think there is a distinction between "two different timelines" & two different memories?
If it is a reference to Epitaph One then you argue that the future events were someone's interpretation of what happened. So yes it could be different memories.
Joss said to me that he never kills off a good character,

Not gonna lie, I laughed.
Joss said to me that he never kills off a good character,

Yeah, that one caught me as well. But I think Joss was talking about guest stars that he might have an opportunity to use again. Either that, or he had tongue firmly planted in cheek. :)

As the (second) biggest BSG fan in the known universe, I take such great pleasure in the mutual admiration society between the two shows.
Jamie's talking about being intimidated by Joss (at first) because he's such a fan, and Joss (on a video posted on another thread) talking about working with Jamie - how he was totally professional until the last day of shooting, then just geeked out over having yet another BSG star on his show. :)

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