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September 25 2009

New "V" promo featuring Morena. It debuted during the premiere of FlashForward last night. Features Morena's city-sized face.

Saw this last night. Truly amazing to see Morena's face on the bottom of a giant spaceship, hovering above a city.
Very cool.
I saw it too. I wasn't excited about the show before. I was just gonna watch it because Morena and Alan were it it. I didn't want to watch a V remake...saw the original.

Now I'm excited for the show. It looked great from the commercial. And whoo-hoo more people introduced to the Firefly/Serenity crew!

"Well, I'm known for that."
Here's hoping for the best. I also was not overly excited about this, but the trailer really hooked me.

I hope it is just a scheduling thing. I have to say that I can't argue with Olympics coverage, I am a fanatic for the winter sports and pretty much glued to the TV for the duration, every four years.
Well, I can do without the cross country skiing, but I love most of the other events. :)
V is already dead. Bad Netweork Managment. Don't get too attached.
I thought it was going to be a mini-series not a series.

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