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September 25 2009

Halo 3: ODST (X360) Nathan Fillion Interview. Covers almost everything Nathan and answers the question on Xbox Live, how to know if you are playing against Nathan Fillion.

Thanks for the link MISANGELES on

I'm guessing Halo 3: ODST will have retail sales of $1 billion this week. Any other quesses?

I'm not so much with the monetary figures and all that nonsense, but I have to comment to say how much I love that explanation for how you'll know if you are playing against him. Boo-yah, indeed.

Also, I love that he has the notion of "perfect famous". It seems true and I'm glad hes happy with his current level of prestige. Fillion is pretty much my idol. Bless the man.
Don't know how much it'll sell, but ODST is really great. I was concerned that having so many of the Firefly guys back as main characters would get in the way, but it really didn't in my opinion. All the actors did good jobs also.
I've been playing ODST all week and it's so much fun. And hearing Nathan, Alan, and Adam in the game is great. There's a lot of great Firefly references.

"You must be the stupidest monkeys in the 'verse!"
"Here's Vera!"

Adam also says, "You ever see Full Metal Jacket!"

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