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September 26 2009

For the canine Browncoat. I spotted this while buying cat food the other day and it made me smile.

I don't think that's licensed... in which case, is this legal?
Dunno but it made me chuckle.
Wouldn't it be counter-intuitive for it to be legal?
If the phrase was never registered as a Trade Mark, it's fair game. And it's a cool idea for a doggie tee. Dog walks down the street in a shirt like that, folks'll know he ain't afraid of anything. :D
Aww. @TDBrown, I think I'll go watch the Message again.
And here I swore I'd never put a shirt on my dog...
refrigeratorelf: Yeah, I'm right there with you.
I refuse to dress my dog up... I would, however, purchase a kerchief that attached to a collar (already own a Steelers one, would love a Serenity one!!!). It's manly, and supportive of my loves... anyone willing to create/license?

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