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September 26 2009

(SPOILER) Writing team Liz Craft and Sarah Fain move to Lie to Me. Aaron Barnhart talks to the Mutant Enemy scribes about vacating the dollhouse, and some of the experiences on Lie to Me.

Reveals that the duo were under contract to the studio, rather than the series and were moved at the behest of Fox.

I really like these two, but I am a little disturbed that they are disturbed that being replaced by two female writers on Dollhouse implies that all female writers are interchangeable. I sincerely doubt that Joss hired two new women just because he needed to replace two women who had just left...
Didn't Joss once say he hired Liz & Sarah specifically to have a women perspective in the writer's room? Or that he wanted women to run the show?

Anyone know what I'm talking about/remember that better than I do?
Yeah, I remember Joss saying he got Liz and Sarah because he wanted a female voice overseeing things. I can understand why, given Dollhouse's premise.
Who are the replacements? Anyone know?
Maureen Ryan also recently wrote about the makeover of Lie to Me. Craft & Fain are mentioned favorably.
Who are the replacements? Anyone know?

The people who ran Reaper.
@moley75: The replacements are the writing team of Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters, formerly of Reaper.

@wisengrund: in my notes from the Paley Fest, Liz Craft said she and Sarah were brought in by Joss "to protect him" because "we don't want to shy away from anything controversial." Trying to find the vid for that is more difficult.
Ah, thanks, I did know they had joined but hadn't realised that they were replacements for anybody.
Speaking of which, who's the showrunner on Dollhouse now? I never found that out. Is it Fazeka and Butters?
Nothing official on it, but last I heard Tim (who some may have noticed in the credits for "Vows" now is a full time executive producer instead of part time consulting) was running the writer's room, with Joss overseeing production and post.
I got a little disturbed because my friend who got divorced from a woman, went back out there and started seeing other women. It's as if all he cares about is the fact that the next one is a woman. They're all interchangeable.

I'm pretty sure that Fain & Craft were doing mock outrage, I doubt they seriously think that Joss believes all female writers are interchangeable.
...and Alan Sepinwall chimes in.
Last night's Lie To Me was the first writing credit for Fain and Craft, and it was IMO the best ep yet (although I haven't seen them all).

I didn't really get into this show until the very end of the first season. Now I see (from peacemonger's link) that Shawn Ryan came on board at about that point - which explains a lot, improvement-wise.

Looking forward to seeing James Marsters guest star, I hope it's a good role and not just one of those "five minutes of screen time" things.

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