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September 27 2009

'I don't think Angel is going to be coming back' says Davd Boreanaz. But if there was some sort of Buffyverse reunion, would it look like this fab pic?

Man, I hate it when people draw comparisons to Buffy/Angel and the other myriad of vampire fiction out there. True Blood is maybe excusable (just cause of its sheer quality), but Twilight/Vampire Diaries are specifically designed to appeal to 13-year old girls who think vampires are sexy. Not saying Buffy/Angel didn't have its fair share of vampire fans, but I think the overwhelming majority of us would have watched it for the emotion and plot and dialogue and characters. The vampires were just window dressing.
This is the same thing he's been saying for years. I very much doubt he'll ever play Angel again, even in a movie

As for True Blood, I just finished season 1 and found it dead average
There's much enjoyment to be had from rotating that pic around several times.
I never expected him to play Angel again. It would be nice of course...but we got 8 brilliant years. Nothing else has come close to it.

I am content with the comics:)
Dude played the same character for 4/5ths of a decade. Just because we can't move on doesn't mean they aren't allowed to.

However, if SMG and James are still game, everything's good in my books ;)
Man, He looks skinny in that video... not Angel on 'Buffy first season" skinny, but definitely 'Angel first season' skinny.

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Wow, hadn't even realized that was Alexis until I rotated the pic...

I don't think there'll be more Buffy or Angel. And I'm ok with it.
i kind of feel bad for david. imagine that you break out as a success on a cult tv show. you enjoy doing it and you enjoy the people you're doing it with. subsequently, you get your own tv show. eight years put towards your endeavor, and the network repays you by canceling your show when it's #2 highest rated show on the network.

so you move on. you put the character away, put the show behind you. it's an ex-girlfriend that you've managed to end up on speaking terms with. you're ok talking to/about them, but you don't want to date them anymore.

then you get a new "girlfriend," and she's fun, you enjoy being with her, etc. etc.

now imagine that every time you want to express your love for your new girlfriend, talk about how awesome she is, and the only thing people ask you about is your ex.

he's quite cordial, and he probably knows that he'll be asked constantly about buffy and angel for the rest of his career, but good god, ask him a question about bones, or *gasp* maybe about our lady of victory.

and mortimer, he and his wife just had a new baby. i'm guessing a few sleepless nights probably took a couple pounds off of him :)
Dude played the same character for 4/5ths of a decade. Just because we can't move on doesn't mean they aren't allowed to.

However, if SMG and James are still game, everything's good in my books ;)
CarpeNoctem | September 27, 15:10 CET

If you watch the video,DB is actually still game under the right circumstances.

Everybody should really check out the video at the link.The write up leaves this important part out.He says absolutely no to a T.V. Movie but leaves the door open possibly to a theatrical with Joss,"if it was done in a way that was smart and good and maybe in a lethal way in a film."In that case he says,probably he would do it but no to doing it in the television era as a television movie.Especially with the glut of vampire T.V. stuff now.

Which has always been his stance.If it was a big screen film and Joss was fully committed to delivering the goods.

What he says in the video.It's really not that different to what he's always said.He specifically says no to a T.V. movie but leaves the door open for,however unlikely, a theatrical if it was done in a kickass way with Joss.He's said this ever since Angel ended.No to a T.V. movie,Yes to a big screen one if it was done really well with Joss.

Again,watch the video.

It's moot though since TPTB that own the Buffy rights want to do a full reboot with none of the T.V. characters and a new actress as Buffy and without Joss.They offered Joss a token shot at pitching a reboot along with other writers which he understandably turned down.Why would Joss want to reboot in the first place and why would he want to jocky with other screenwriters for said reboot gig?

Buffy's and Angel's offical continuations have been happening in the comics and I'll take that happlly.

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That picture is absolutely epic.
Great picture!

IMO, we'll get more DB Angel when Joss writes it and the studio gets behind it. I think they are probably apprehensive about potentially screwing up such a fantastic legacy by adding a new (filmed) chapter to the verse mythos.
As for True Blood, I just finished season 1 and found it dead average
I thought season 2 marked a huge improvement over S1 (I felt about the same as you do now), so I'd say hang on in there.

I don't really see anything happening with Buffy in film form any time soon, however if we ever would get a new Buffyverse series up and running for a few seasons I think David would be quite likely to show up for a small guest spot at some point (far more likely than for example SMG or Emma Caulfield, less so than Aly, Amy or Alexis on the other hand). The whole think seems unlikely though.
DB and SMG have both toed more or less the same line for years now. They don't really want to do it but to avoid disappointing the fans and unnecessarily closing doors in their own careers they talk about the (vanishingly unlikely) scenario in which they'd come back to the roles. Nothing new there really, for the most part they both handle a difficult question with grace and tact.

As to 'True Blood', for me it's enjoyable fluff. Some aspects are clunky and predictable, other times it hits its marks very ably. And Lafayette, Terry and Hoyt should run for office, i'd vote for them (because in Madeuponia i'm allowed to vote in American elections ;).

ETA: And that really is a great picture, everyone looking healthy and happy. Good times.

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I love that pic!

As much as I'd absolutely love to see Buffy, Angel (and everyone else for that matter) return to the screen, I understand why it's not so likely. I also feel bad for David since he wants to move away from Angel and yet people keep asking him about it. Thing is, he was just so damn good as Angel that people are bound to bring up the subject!

Once a part of the Whedonverse, always a part of the Whedonverse.

I love that Buffy is being kept alive through the comics right now, but I just wish it was the same for Angel. There hasn't been a good solid storyline since 'After the Fall', and even then, Joss wasn't as involved as he has been with Buffy - which is understandable since he's busy with Dollhouse to, and Angel being with IDW makes it more difficult. I just hope Joss can spare some time for Angel in the future, right now it's like the younger sibling that gets ushered to the side.

But I shall never forgive WB for cancelling Angel. David should have been Mr Tall, Dark and Broody for at least another Season!
I feel like there definitely is a bit of an expiration date on actors coming back to their immortal vampire roles. Though Boreanaz really does look very good these days (I'd say even younger than he did toward the end of "Angel"), there's a point where it's just not believable anymore. And given that he doesn't seem to be jumping to bring back the character anyway, I'd say it's incredibly unlikely that a story will be developed, be greenlighted, and David would be convinced, before he just simply looks older than would be believable. It's a shame, to be sure, but I reckon it's the case.

Also, the Groosalugg: You mention that you think Boreanaz would be more likely to come back than Emma Caulfield. I don't really keep up on how Whedonverse actors feel about their Whedon days, so forgive me if this is a dumb question, but is Emma not happy about her time on "Buffy"? Did she leave under not great circumstances? Or is she just not as likely to return as David because of Anya's fate?
Yeah, I think there's a limit to how young make-up can make someone look. Even if they made Angel human for good, they'd have to jump to him being in his late 30s and there's no way they can explain 10 or so years of events!
I will still hold out hope for a movie and a Buffy/Angel reunion...the comics are good at tiding me over for now, though.
Even if they made Angel human for good, they'd have to jump to him being in his late 30s and there's no way they can explain 10 or so years of events!

They could probably find a way (we've already had a character that went from baby to stroppy teenager in a few episodes, in a fantasy world the flow of time is malleable) and it might even make sense and be believable (and let's be honest, there'd be a market there even if it didn't and wasn't i.e. us).

I just don't think the will's there (on anyone's part) to do it.
I like that he came up with Angel as a vineyard-owning wine connoisseur. I think that shows a good sport sense of humor about the character. And demonstrates that Angel's definitely been in California too long.
XanMan, if I remember correctly Emma already decided she would be leaving Buffy after its 7th season before the show was cancelled. I always got the feeling she was more or less done with Buffy but that's just my, very possibly inaccurate, impression and even if it was correct, over times her feelings may have changed.

ETA: On an unrelated note, I loved Ninja, Robot & the Gay Guy, can we expect a new episode anytime soon?

[ edited by the Groosalugg on 2009-09-27 21:36 ]
Saje, in case you're still considering watching Six Feet Under some day, don't use True Blood as a measurement of Alan Ball's capabilities as a showrunner. Much as I enjoy and usually love TB, it's his "fun" show (and he's said as much, that he didn't want to do something as "existentially exhausting" as SFU). SFU had a lot more weight to it and very little clunkyness.
I saw Emma at a con recently, and she asked to be killed off. She wasn't too keen on how it happened though.
It just makes sense honestly. I know James might still be up for it, but I don't think either actor or the rest of us can suspend that much disbelief at the difference in age. I think James has also said himself though that he did not want to be doing it when the age difference was obvious.

I'd love to see more Buffy, and you could still do that. The entire scoobie gang can age. Plus, since I'm guessing the comic books are still happening in a linear fashion (I haven't read them, don't hurt me) you could still leave plenty of open room for stories and still close the series with a movie.

Angel and Spike however are supposed to be non-aging character's and I think on some level it would probably be uncomfortable to play them a decade later. As an actor, I'd think they would feel like they are violating the story.

Interesting question it brings up though: if you were going to do a Buffy movie, would it be better to ignore them entirely, bring in younger actors, or bring in James and David (if it were possible) and suspend disbelief. I don't have a hardcore opinion, I'm just curious.
the Groosalugg - Thanks for the Emma information. Also, you absolutely rock my socks for a) checking out "Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy," b) digging it, and c) remembering it well enough to mention that to me. Thank you. I'll try to answer your question without taking up too much space on the board. Yes! You absolutely can expect new episodes any time soon. Tomorrow, in fact. I'm not sure which episode or episodes you've seen, but there have been three so far, and the fourth goes up tomorrow. The idea is to put up a new one every second and fourth Monday, and I'm planning to write a twelve episode season. Also (shameless plug coming up) if you dig the show, feel free to subscribe to the channel. The current video on the main page is our second Mac vs. PC commercial spoof. Those actually have me in them, as the PC. Again, thanks so much for your interest.

azzers - Season Eight is ending relatively soonish, so if you've waited this long, I'd recommend you check them out when the season's all done. They really are worth reading. Also, of your three options, I'd say bring in James and David, suspension of disbelief be damned! Ignoring them would be a disservice to very important elements in the characters' lives, and recasting would just be blasphemous, in my opinion.
Why do people feel bad for David? Cause he's known for a great character on two great shows? Some actors aren't even remembered for anything period, or get a job in hollywood period. Yeah must really suck to have done something that's so special to people and continues to live on in popularity.
Yeah, I don't feel bad for David, he played a role for 8 years that was part of an iconic series, of course people will still bring it up and I think he accepts that. The true impressiveness of David and one no one seems to have touched on is the fact that he will be on TV for 14 seasons (with Bones being picked up for 2 last year). That is an accomplishment for an actor, that means he has had a study paying gig for 14 years in a business that is not know for it's longevity. He has done it playing 2 characters in a drama type series, that is almost unheard of in this day and age. If anyrhing the dude deserves a round of applause of being able to keep people entertained for that long. Good job on you David!

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Besides, Booth's a great character, and David gets to go out in the sun.
Certainly beats having to ask David about the Crow movie. Cringe.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this but DB seemed to pull away from all things Angel as soon as the show was canceled. He didn't really do any Whedonverse related cons, pulled out of Paley. I understand that that he didn't want to be typecast but I felt he didn't want to acknowledge the role that gave him a huge following and made him famous.
Much respect to him as actor .I like him in Bones but I won't expect anything Angel aside from the comics.
AngelDiva, I feel that way too, but with many actors. I hate to see actors dismiss their past work. They should embrace it. It's not like being known as Angel has effected his career negatively, he's on Bones, a pretty big show. And being Angel gave him a career to begin with.
I think people expect too much of the actors. I think itís nice if they come to panels and cons but they dedicated so many hours of their life to their JOB that they shouldnít be expected to go sit with fans on their day off as well. The shows arenít an obsession to them, itís a career. They work very long hours and spend a lot of time focusing on the characters theyíre playing. So I canít blame them if they want sometime away from the show.

Youíll also notice that the actors who turn up at cons most frequently are the ones who usually donít have a new steady job.

I haven't ever seen an actor of the Buffyverse say anything that would suggest they're ashamed of their time on the show. DB said very nice things about the series in this interview as well.
I agree, vampmogs, but cons are paying gigs and offer more exposure- which for actors is a good thing. And you know what they say about how you treat people on the way up.
I'd never expect him to do an Angel movie now. That ship has long since sailed. He wouldn't do a TV movie or DVD for Angel when it was canceled because he wanted to move up in his career- completely understandable.
I think cons can be great for the actors who don't have a steady income for all the reasons you mentioned. But if you're starring on Bones which does well for FOX and [I assume] pays pretty well you're probably not too worried about needing exposure and being paid. He probably doesn't have as much free time as some of the other actors do either.
I don't blame him for not doing cons, even if he has the time it may just not be his thing and he doesn't owe us anything. That said, my impression has always been that 'Angel' was more a job and less a passion for DB than some other verse characters were for some other verse actors (he never seemed to fall in love with Angel in the same way that e.g. Nathan Fillion did with Mal). Which again, is fine, it is a job and it's very rare for any actor to be as enthusiastic about his or her character as the fans are.

Saje, in case you're still considering watching Six Feet Under some day, don't use True Blood as a measurement of Alan Ball's capabilities as a showrunner.

Yeah I still am intending to and I kind of assumed what you said Kris but it's good to have it confirmed (quite a few people whose opinions I respect consider "Six Feet Under" to be one of the best TV shows ever made which would be tough to believe if it was the same standard as 'True Blood' - as I say, much as I enjoy it).
I want more Firefly before more Angel. Let's face it, they wrapped up the Buffy series pretty neatly and Angel - despite ending on the biggest creative high ever witnessed - it did end on the biggest creative high ever witnessed.

There are few, if any, unanswered questions in that universe. Now Firefly....
DB has said that Angel was a job to him. He probably feels the same way about Bones. Everyone is different. Some people get passionate about their work, others just look at it like a job.

I'll always remember when DB said that he no longer watched Buffy once he wasn't on it anymore. As a huge fan of the verse, this shocked me. But like I said everyone is different. James Marsters has talked about watching when it came on weekly and getting just as excited about what was going on in the non-Spike parts as a regular fan might. He was just into it.

I don't think the cons/no cons thing has much to do with how busy an actor is. I think some actors just enjoy them, others don't. That's their right. I can think of many verse actors who aren't busy at all, but still don't do them often. Just my opinion but I think James really enjoys doing them, so he squeezes them in whenever he can. He flew directly from Mexico when he was filming Dragonball to do a con if I'm not mistaken. He really goes out of his way and he certainly seems to enjoy doing them.

James was a fanboy growing up, he gets it. I'm guessing DB wasn't.

Doesn't Fillion do a lot of Cons as well? And he's pretty busy.
Yeah NF and JM are both self-confessed geeky types who both liked science-fiction before they were ever on sci-fi shows. DB was a jock, so it's fair enough that he's not into (traditionally) geeky pursuits. And since he's trying to move on why on Earth would he go somewhere where literally thousands of people are going to ask him the same (or similar) questions about something he considers part of his past ?
You can see that David puts a lot of dedication into any character he plays but I think he is more passionate about Bones than he was about Angel, which isn't a bad thing - it's great because I love watching him on Bones. I think he's more enthusiastic about the role of Booth because he's been allowed to put some of his own personality into the character (e.g. the awesome socks!) and he's also a producer which really gives him the chance to help towards developing the show.

He seems to be one of those actors who will give it his all in any project, even if everything else about it is crap. I haven't seen any of his films, but I've heard that he is the best thing about them. I saw a clip of Ghost Writer once, and he was like Angelus on crack!

And I only feel bad for him when people bring up the subject of Angel and he seems to want to get back to talking about current things like Bones. I don't think he wants to dismiss his Angel days, he just wants to move past them. But he is very gracious in his replies, which is nice, and I do feel really happy for him in that he has starred in 3 successful tv shows - which is incredibly lucky - and has played two wonderful, memorable characters.

'Course, if it was me, I'd probably go the James way, since I get on well with my inner geek and tend to get incredibly obsessive about things!

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vampmogs AngelDiva Xane: I think the main driver on doing cons isn't how busy with other acting the performers are as to how willing they are to accept the genre-star label. Sarah and for all practical purposes Aly and Seth have never e really done them, ELiza and Charisma have done very few, and David has stopped. That label can red-flag a performer for some, by no emans all , casting directors and it's a serious career decision these folks have to make and deal with the consequences.

Shep Saje; Heck they could say they spent "X" years in another dimension where vampires age a little bit. ((-: I did that with Harmony in my fics so she would look the same age as Jonathan when she shanshued and they got married :-).)

theGroosalug XanFan redeem147 barboo; I know emma said that she wanted off aftwer S-7 cancelled or not, didn't know she aksed for Anya to be killed as such. And she did ssay (at the time of the original announcement) she'd be open to guest shots

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"if you were going to do a Buffy movie, would it be better to ignore them entirely, bring in younger actors..."

No! and NO! David and James are Angel and Spike. You can't beat them. It would be like trying to get someone other than Johnny Depp to be Jack Sparrow :0 *horror*

I'd go for the suspension of disbelief anyday.

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I still very much enjoy fantasizing about a big-screen Angel movie once in a while, but I don't seriously think it'll ever happen. God knows I'd like to be wrong about that. However, it's been an eternity in Hollywood years since the series' end, and Joss continues to stay so busy with new projects (all those clipboards!) that it seems doubtful he'll ever have adequate time to generate the kind of script that would get DB on board and attract studio backing without compromising his own ongoing and ambitious plans for web world domination. ;)

That said, I've always fanwanked that Angel's possession of a human soul for more than a century burdened him with a metaphysical gravity that allowed him to show signs of aging (something which could also be applied to Spike) -- so having DB play Angel a little more physically weathered wouldn't be an issue for me at all. Clearly, he's still in terrific shape.

I'm happy DB's still working and enjoying himself on Bones. He's left a great legacy as an actor already and he's still young. Maybe there's time for a fourth series and a third memorable character? As for Angel, we have many excellent episodes of the Buffyverse, and the comics. And there's always fanfic....
You know, folks also seem to assume that all actors *like* cons. In as, like being around huge crowds. Like being on stage *as themselves* answering random strangers' questions.

The idea that if actors don't do cons they dislike the fandom/disrespect the show always seems a bit entitlement-y to me.

And I really really dug kerfka's analogy.
My point wasn't just about cons-that was just an example of what I felt DB was doing. IMHO I think we as fans made Dave think he was a bigger star than he really was(anyone recall DB trying to auction off his Mercedes with the promise that he would personally deliver it? That didn't go as well as he hoped).We 'verse folk are the best fans to have- Once you've been on a Whedon show we fans follow whatever you do. We're loyal. Admit it, how many of us have a copy of the Crow: Wicked Prayer that we can't force ourselves to watch again but won't dare part with because of DB. Please don't hate me I do still love the guy.
Stepping off soapbox

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