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September 27 2009

Nathan Fillion aka Richard Castle book signing for Heat Wave. The event will take place Sept 29th at 8pm at the Borders books in Northridge, CA.

Whoo-hoo! Same day as the book release. I thought this was pretty funny:
Reading reports that the book is out already in some areas.

I've been reading the chapters online. It has been fun and then there was a scary cliff-hanger at a chapter end and I had to wait for the chapter. If I had the book I could have just keep reading. I was surprised to be scared about what was happening.
Ugh, Northridge? Really?

Is it a trap?
There will be another signing at the Barnes & Noble @ The Grove (Los Angeles), but not until next month -- 7:30 PM on Monday, October 19th. Info/directions can be found at this B&N Author Event webpage.
Interestingly, I live right down the street from the Northridge Borders, but am currently in Riverside house/pet sitting through Thursday. But I may stop by after work, then head back to Riverside after the signing...
I wonder if the the bachelor-party cop twins will show up.

You know for security.

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