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September 27 2009

Julie Benz's "Dexter" returns tonight! America's favorite serial killer returns for his fourth season on Showtime. It airs at 9:00pm tonight!

Finally! I've been waiting all year for this.
I wish they'd put those pups on iTunes so I could watch one per week, instead of all-night-a-thonning when they release the series. And Julie is uberfabelhaft.
When does each week's episode appear on Hulu?

In the past I've waited until the season ended to buy the DVD box-set, but I'm considering keeping up in (delayed) real-time this year if Hulu permits.
I expect this thread will be deleted as soon as a mod notices.
Premiere of non-Joss shows are not really front page material, but are very welcome to be discussed at
It probably won't be on Hulu at all, Steve--most cable shows aren't.
Yep, probably going when Simon wakes up ;).

(but was this a fantastic season opener or was this a fantastic season opener ? Hint: this was a fantastic season opener)
Once in a while is fine. Though I am sorry we missed discussing Mercy, maybe get a chance to do it this week.
I expect this thread will be deleted as soon as a mod notices.
Premiere of non-Joss shows are not really front page material

Eh? Not only have there been plenty of Dexter threads over the years, but plenty of threads for How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Castle, The Guild, and all the other shows that the alums have appeared on.

If only Joss-made shows made the front page, there wouldn't be much of a front page.
Yeah but it usually needs a bigger Whedonesque hook than "Look, it's started again" (so an interview with [Whedon alum] Julie Benz wherein she talks about 'Dexter' is fine - especially if she also talks about her time on Buffy/Angel - but a simple link to the show's site usually isn't because it's not a Whedon show).

Anyhoo, .
Great start to the season, hopefully this season will be better than last years (lacked IMO).

Mercy was awful, one of the worse pilots I've watched in some time. To bad, I really love Michelle.
John Lithgow is the boss. That short scene of him crying in the shower reminded me of Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant. Both of the characters are the absolute bottom, the most abhorrent humans you can imagine, but when someone is naked and crying-- not even crying, but kind of abjectly whining-- it's hard not to be moved by it.
Yeah, he's a great choice because his "vibe" is a weird cross between "cold psychotic" and "favourite uncle" so that you can see him ) and then somehow still sympathise with him on a human level afterwards.

And I enjoyed last season but did think it was a bit more ordinary than previous years, hopefully S4 will put the 'extra' back in it.

ET be a bit more circumspect since it's a non-spoiler thread.

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And I enjoyed last season but did think it was a bit more ordinary than previous years
That's exactly how I feel about S3 too. But after the first ep I have high hopes for a (in US promo language) very special season of Dexter this year.

(Spoilers for s04e01):

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That's weird. Personally, I enjoyed season 3 the most... it was the most exciting season of Dexter in my opinion...

I loved season 4 of Angel, for the same reason. Genuinely exciting, occasionally outrageous storylines.
Actually, I like S3 the best because of how ordinary it felt. S2 was way out there with some serious Deus Ex Machina at the end and it wrapped too smoothly. S3 on the other hand made the most sense and it's really hard to argue with Jimmy Smits. He was aces.

As for last night, there some things that I loved and some things that I didn't like as much. The mock opening routine and the ending were fabulous as well as any scene with Dex but that's a given since Michael C. Hall is fantastic. There were other things that irked me such as a certain hookup and a certain characters rather sudden appearance. I'm glad they're back but I didn't like the introduction.

On the other hand, can't wait for more John Lithgow. Looks to be a great season.
Pointy, each episode from seasons 1 to 3 are on sale on iTunes for .99 each right now, if you're looking for those as well. As for the current season, I'm just now finishing season 3, so I'm pretty used to being behind a season. Oh well.
Yeah, that "certain hookup" seemed pretty forced to me.
I literally rolled my eyes when I saw it.
Other than that, some really good stuff. Lithgow was
excellent; he really creeped me out.
I liked tired Dexter, and Michael C. Hall certainly owned the part. I like the way the episode held off on Harry until late in the episode. The idea of a war of nerves between Rita and Astor (re: iPod) appeals to me as well, although I wish Astor were a little bit less of an angry pre-teen cliche. I'm skeptical about Lithgow's character so far, especially if the familiar face's 30 year old mission happens to refer to him.

Too much obvious romantic entanglements setup--especially the obvious one that everyone's unimpressed by. Otherwise, the Deb/Anton scene early on could have been better, but just felt an obvious set up for TROUBLE! coming up. I don't particularly care about Quinn and the reporter either, even if she is very, very hot.

The dialogue was pretty clunky much of the time too.

...But yeah, I like tired Dexter too.

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