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October 14 2003

Least-Needed Characters. The Weekly Ascension goes through each season of Buffy and picks out a character who was the weakest link.

I have no words. None what-so-ever, cause I couldn't disagree with the authors assestment anymore if I tried.

Least needed:

Season 1: Cordy (she barely had much interaction with the scoobies)

season 2: Oz (Wasn't he introduced in season 3? point is made)

season 3: (This season is hard, cause everyone was vital. If I had to choose though, I'm gonna go with Giles)

season 4 (I want to choose Riley, but his character was very much needed to develop Buffy's college life experience and her love life, plus his existance gave us more insight to her emotions, so I'm gonna go with Xander)

Season 5 (Was Spike a main character during this season? If so, he's the least needed. If not, then the title goes to Riley)

season 6: (Dawn. Love her, but of all the characters, the least revolved around her. Tara was needed for Willow evil phase. Spike was needed for the sex and the nekkidness, and Anya was needed for the almost marriage to Xander)

Season 7: (Every single last character, but especially Spike. We could of done without more Spike during this season.)

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"So, since Buffy is needed to keep the atmosphere of the show in high-school, we’re going to have to vote out Giles for the second season as the least-needed character. He was, after all, somewhat redundant by this point. We’d already outlined the purpose of a slayer..."

Aaaand at that point, I stopped reading. Giles was never redundant. Even when he was playing redundant. Except when the whole season was redundant. But then everybody was redundant by that time.

Giles is so unredundant we need him on Angel now.
Jeez. I don't have nearly as much problems with these characters as some of you do. It seems like you can replace "uneeded" with "people I don't like".

And I totally agree that in no way was Giles redundant in s2. Hello? We learned about his dark past, which gave a realness to his character. Plus there was his attempt at retribution when Angelus killed Jenny. That was powerful, and I think he was the biggest help to Buffy when all of that was happening. He's her father figure- it's important, and that's why he was never useless.

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What a bunch of BS. It was kind of funny when I thought of this person reading "100 Years of Solitude," crossing out the occasional Aureliano or shutting their eyes an la-la-la-ing through half of "Nashville." When things become this asanine, you should really just give the Buffy section of your brain a rest and watch sports or something.
Absolute drivle...How did these decisions come about again? Did the author actually "watch" these seasons? We all know Dawn was the least needed character of season seven...LOL!

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