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September 28 2009

Cabin in the Woods to be released in graphic novel form. At NYAF this past weekend, TOKYOPOP announced that a global manga based on Cabin in the Woods would be released in February 2010.

Whoop...I'm kinda excited about this...
Doesn't this risk slightly spoiling people for the movie?
The novelisation is out around the same time.
Probably, but it looks like the official novelization is coming out about the same time, too.
When is this movie coming out? I keep seeing posts about it.
February next year.
This is just my inner anime fan, but I hate how TOKYOPOP et al label their comics "global manga" and just use some stupid mimicking art-style to sell more. Manga isn't an art style, its where the comics are frakking from.
Oh, me too. It's a graphic novel is all it is and there should be no shame in calling it that. Labelling it manga is just a marketing ploy.
Release date for "Cabin" is Feb. 5, 2010.
Doesn't manga mean it is shorter than a normal graphic novel and maybe it will be in black and white and not color?
Not necessarily shorterómost manga volumes are between 192 and 208 pagesóbut most definitely black and white.
No, I don't mean shorter as in pages. I mean height. Does that make sense?
Yes, most manga are shorter in height and smaller width than the traditional North American comics. In Whedonesque examples, the Buffy Omnibus volumes, or the smaller Serenity trades or even the Runaways digests. None of which are anything close to manga, but all of which were put into size of manga format likely in order to try to sell more copies in bookstores.

I'm okay with people referring to manga as a style, as overall the majority of manga have similar art characteristics. Plus "original English-language manga" or OEL manga just sounds clunky rather than "global manga".
I am excited to see new news about Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal in that link.
Oh, yes, Anonymous1, that makes sense. I generally think of that as "trim size." Matt_Fabb's comparison to the Runaways digests is applicable to most manga, but lately when TOKYOPOP has released media tie-in works, like Battlestar Galactica: Echoes of New Caprica and CSI: Intern at Your Own Risk, they've used a larger trim size more comparable with a traditional graphic novel release. I wouldn't be surprised if they did so again.

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