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September 28 2009

(SPOILER) IDW Angel solicitations for December. These include Angel:Last Angel in Hell "movie adaptation", #1 of A Hole in the World/Shells adaptation and #28 - the beginning of the new arc 'The Crown Prince Syndrome' by Willingham and Denham. Good month.

I promise, ANGEL annual #1 is more than 30 pages. And it's jam-packed, cover to cover, with goodness, including fake ads for movie tie-ins and such.
December looks like a great month for Angel.
I can't wait for ANGEL Annual #1! This is going to be great
I can't wait for December, or October and November. Just a lot of great stuff coming our way from IDW. Brian's final issues, Mooney's art, the amazing looking Annual, and a promising new team in Willingham/Denham/Williams/Messina. Bring it on!
The price tag on the Angel annual is a major deterrent...
It IS double the length of a normal book. No filler, all entertainment. Even the ads are fake.
Yep, it's actually a chunk of pages over double-length, so hence the price.
I gotta say, I've drawn a fair few(beautifully written) books of Brian's by this point, but this...
This is special.
I'm excited about this one. Looks sweet!
Ahh, but Brian, I'm Canadian, so it'll end up being more like $8.99 or $9.99 plus tax for me.

However, I'm addicted to all things Angel so I'll definitely get it. PLUS, I suppose I could always ask for it as Christmas present!

(I won't even get into my rant about IDW and how their books are a dollar more than the competition)

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