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September 28 2009

(SPOILER) Interview with Dichen Lachman about Dollhouse season two. It's a spankin' interview with my favourite Doll.

I literally laughed out loud at the line reading part.
"It's a spankin' interview with my favourite Doll."

My mind created some bizarre style of interview there.

Oh, it's from the interview. And I haven't seen the premiere yet.

I can't find a good place to watch "Vows". My PVR fucked up and missed it (my box is only 60% full--of movies I may or may not ever get around to--so that wasn't the issue). It's not repeating anywhere, not on a US network or timeshifted in Canada anywhere else. I tried NinjaVideo (it's worked in the past, although episodes load slowly), but no luck this time, even after downloading the newest version of DivX. I feel uneasy about because it's asking me if I'm okay with it putting some kind of toolbar in my browser. Attempted to watch the episode split up on YouTube, but the quality is horrible, gave up before the first 5 minutes were up.

Where else should I try ? Mask my proxy and give Hulu a go ? Is the quality good there, like it was with Dr-Horrible-level highly acceptable visuals ?

[ edited by Kris on 2009-09-28 23:03 ]
Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, BitTorrent.
Or, you know, not that last one if the point is to stay legal. But, yeah, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, and itself.
Aren't technically none of those options legal if I'm in Canada and masking my proxy though ? (haven't checked yet to see if has it--they usually don't--and I don't know if there's a different iTunes for Canada, but I'm not sure if I feel like paying for it right now I'll buy it some other way when the full season is out. Hulu and are US-exclusive, I tried Hulu last night just to make sure).

Not that I really care (since I checked out NinjaVideo anyway--sister recommended), just curious about the legal issue. Sure, it's preferrable for the method of watching online to be legal, but I'm a non-entity anyway in terms of ratings and whatnot and I bought the Season 1 blu-ray, so I don't see any reason for why I should feel guilty or like I'm hurting the show by watching illegally. Anything I haven't seen before, I rent, buy, or borrow. If it's something I watch on the air regularly, but miss an ep or two due to technical difficulties, don't see why I should have to wait until the DVDs are out or wait for the very slim chance of a repeat just because there're no other viable options in my country. Wish Global (Dollhouse's Canadian carrier) would stream it for a limited time the way they do Survivor and many of their popular comedies and dramas.

Thanks for the help, sorry for derailing the thread a bit.

Back to the spanking.

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Ok, that interview ended in a very naughty visual place. Quite hilarious though.
Now I have to wonder what's wrong with being bent over.

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