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September 28 2009

Eliza, Tahmoh, Dichen, and Enver Interview each other. On AOL Outside The Box. Also many other bonus clips on the right side of the screen if you scroll.

You don't need to scroll. Autoplay is on by default and all of the clips will play in sequence.
LOL. OK, not on my dinosaur of a computer. thanks b!x.
That was great. The cast were great fun and it was nice seeing them be all relaxed. I also thought the questions were quite good as well. Bravo!
Really fun!
Thanks for posting it!
"And Evian, to shower in." "Nothing but sandals." Bwahaha.
I like how they got to complain about the bear thing a little bit. Spoiler element aside, which I didn't really care about, it did drive in how awkward that must have been considering how they clearly had to have filmed it months before April First actually rolled round.

Wonder why they didn't or couldn't get any of the other cast members for this too.
Maybe because everyone was busy shooting two episodes at once... :)
That for me is one of the best Dollhouse interviews I've seen, very funny and they all looked like they were having a great time.
How was the bear thing spoilery?

Nice interview.
The bear stunt was played during the shooting of a scene from Epitaph One. And yet the stunt was put online on April Fool's Day, thereby spoiling everyone who saw it for one of the memories in Epitaph One.
Because it showed footage from an upcoming episode (later to be revealed as Epitaph One) where Ballard was working in the Dollhouse.
Oh, I had no idea it was shown. I guess that's what I get for avoiding all things spoilery last season.

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