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September 28 2009

An Evening with Joss and Felicia. See "Dr. Horrible" and "The Guild - Season Two" on the big screen, and enjoy a discussion with Joss and Felicia on October 16th! (schedule permitting).

There's also a screening of the same two shows on October 30.

The two events are on either side of my birthday, which clearly means they should move them to Portland.
I second b!x's nomination. An event like this should be in Portland. It's an excellent way to celebrate a birthday.
I agree with the sentiment, but not with the specifics. My birthday is October 17th, I live in L.A., so guess where I'll be?

Um, okay. Stop guessing. You're embarrassing yourself. I'll be at one of the events. Gosh, I thought that was pretty obvious.
Hey, XanMan, that's my birthday, too!

I was planning on attending the Halloween one, but I'd rather go to the other if Joss & Felicia are going to be there. However, it says, "schedule permitting," so that doesn't sound very certain. Fan though I am, I really don't want to go twice in one month. Hmmm.
No, no. Too late. I got here with my comments first. The events must move here.
I've been looking for Joss to show up somewhere public in LA for a while now.

And now that I've been creepy, I'll just say I'm definitely going October 17th. Unless schedules do not permit.

ETA that maybe I'll go the 16th instead just so that anybody's there.

[ edited by Jobo on 2009-09-29 07:24 ]
When we will know that schedules permit?
Bought my two tix. Have two tix to the Whedonopolis showing, too.

I got tired of missing L.A. Jossian stuff (& this has 100% more Felicia, too) so now I just buy 'em fast without thinking about it too much.

I just figure if you live in L.A. and put up with its horrible natural disasters, rampant forest arson & crappy air, you might as well get some of the good stuff, too.

(Two showings in one month is a lot, jcs, and that's a fact - maybe if The J and The F are able to make the 1st one, I'll donate my second showing tix to someone as all for a good cause.

Or, you know, maybe not. ; > )

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-09-29 18:42 ]
How did you buy tickets, QG? I went to Fandango and that does not appear to be working...
When I got led here and clicked on the red 8:00 showtime it took me to this couple-step form process which let me buy two tix smooth as silk.

Is not working friendly-like for you?
Ah haaa. Thank you very much for guiding me through this apparently not-actually-that-difficult process. I just over-complicated things for myself. Tickets bought, thankyouverymuch!
You'll all be sorry you bought tickets when they move the events to Portland.
Even sorrier if it was Portland, England.
Step off of my fantasy!
If they move the venue(s), won't my tix still be good? And don't they include all-expenses-paid-trips-especially-to-England?

If not, what a rip-off. In that case, I would have to write long rambling complaint letters to Someone in Power. Man, it makes me mad just thinking about it.

Maybe I should just start writing them now to get a leg up.

(You're welcome, Jobo.)
I don't suppose the big screen showing means they are eligible for Oscars, too. But that would be fun, especially if NPH were to host.

And Portland may be getting a Leverage con con, so muffle your whining.
I've never seen an episode of Leverage.
Pfft Portland. Pfft LA.

San Diego NEVER gets any love! Why don't they come down here??

/sarcasm ;)

On that note, please remind me to do what QuoterGal did and purchase tix for both of these. I believe ya'll have my cell. Thank you messaging service! :)
What's so special about LA? Why is this stuff always in LA? They should come to DC so we can see all the "political" fans come out of the closet. Plus, there's usually 2-3 different Shakespeare productions going on here so they'd have something else to do besides be worshipped.

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