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September 29 2009

Summer Glau to prolong her stay on Dollhouse. Dollverse informs that Summer's character in the second season of Dollhouse has become recurring and thus will appear in more episodes than the two that were initially planned for her. Yay!

In light of losing Acker, this is fantastic news.
Woo freaking hoo
Yesssssssssss yay

::still missing Acker::
This is really great news!!

But yeah... still gonna miss Amy...
Awesome. More Summer is always a good thing.
I wonder how Eliza feels about it. Acker was number one and now Summer will be. I bet under anyone except Joss there would be too much cattyness for them to work together.
@doublemeat: I assume you're referring to the Whiskey/Echo 'number one' thing, right? And not assuming actual cattyness between actors on the set? Echo didn't seem to be all that catty about it IMHO...
Summer's almost as sweet as Dichen Lachman (and trust me, that's saying something), and Eliza is very much in-the-zone on set and professional. I can't imagine there being any atmosphere at all.
More Summer is always a good thing.

100% agreement. Can I agree more than 100%? Like 1000%?

(As long as we're talking Glau. When it comes to seasons, I prefer autumn.)
Since I'm spoiler-free other than casting rumors (and shouldn't this technically have a spoiler thingy of its own, just for that?) I'm suddenly thinking we may know who the second November is. Either way, I predict many shots of bare feet.

I rather like that last season Joss was all about bringing in the new faces and new talent... and now he's just, "Well, we're probably not going to get renewed, let's just have fun with it and invite all our old friends to the party!"
I bet under anyone except Joss there would be too much cattyness for them to work together.

I don't ever want to see innuendo like that here again.

(and shouldn't this technically have a spoiler thingy of its own, just for that?)

Someone joining a show I wouldn't regard as a spoiler. What they did in a show however would be. Though I must admit Alan Tudyk complicated things last season.
I'm wearing a really BIG smile.
I've just been informed Summer isn't in ep 7 - but she's back later in the season. Doesn't effect the headline here as it doesn't mention that bit.
Thats great news! I love Summer, but she cant replace Amy though.
People do realize that Amy will be in more episodes this season. Right? It's not like she is gone for good.
Not in enough... :-(
... but one more "Yay!" for Summer. :-)
I'd quite like (500) Episodes of Summer. Can this be sorted please?
Even beyond the current run, if Dollhouse continues, I suspect Amy will continue to find her way back only a question of how often. Why wouldn't she want to? Why wouldn't they have her? I have to say though... Eliza, Amy, Summer... I have an irrational fear of brunettes in threes. I mean, what if an episode of Charmed breaks out?
I am so glad to hear this. Can't wait! :)
Fair point, BIO5x5, but when it is these three brunettes it is a risk I am willing to take.
Endless Summer!
I don't know; Charmed was pretty horrific at times.

But after that flash back & one-on-one with Whiskey & Echo, sure, let's go for the almighty three.
wrong thread

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