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September 29 2009

Dollhouse available for streaming in Canada. As an alternative to Hulu, Global TV's official website has begun offering full episodes of Dollhouse (and other shows) for Canadian visitors.

I'm not certain how long it takes for them to upload a new episode. I suppose we'll find out, this week.

Good timing, Kris was commenting on this very issue last night.
That's great, cheers for the link!
Excellent - forwarding to everyone I've ever met.
Yes! 'Bout friggin' time!
Good for you, Canada! Congratulations. Now, let me know when the definition of "global" also includes Sweden.
Yay! They weren't doing this last year.
I guess if DVR and online viewing is part of the strategy, it's good to try to actually have it available.
Anyone know of a UK airdate / iTunes date ?
Airs on SciFi UK on October 20th.
wow no more searching
Great news! Personally I prefer watching its original air time through Fox on satellite because I enjoy the Fox channel itself more than Global but now I can help people I know catch up!
Woohoo! While I'll still watch it on Fox and download it via torrent for high-quality future use (only until it comes out on DVD) it's great to finally have this alternative.
Nice ! Should send Global an e-mail for encouragement/let them know it's appreciated.

Much better than the quality of what folks had put up on YouTube.

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