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September 29 2009

Maurissa Tancharoen - "Focused, Self-Absorbed and Tense". The latest episode of the web series FLOORED AND LIFTED titled "That's Fine" features our lovely and multi-talented Mo.

The series is created and produced by Dylan Fergus; this episode is written and directed by L. Philippe Casseus.

Grrr. Misspelled Mo's last name the first time & hadda correct it.

I think I am utterly in love with Maurissa. Did you know voiced Princess Zelda in Legend of Neil? Now you do, at any rate.
It's very sweet! I like it! =)
<3 Mo!
So I went with a line from the episode for the link title 'cause, you know, it is funny.

But now I feel bad, picturing it appearing all over the many tubes of the interwebs on the RSS feed.

Robertson Davies was right.

ďBut a sense of humoróa real oneóis a rarity and can be utter hell. Because itís immoral, you know, in the real sense of the word: I mean, it makes its own laws; and it possesses the person who has it like a demon. Fools talk about it as though it were the same thing as a sense of balance, but believe me, itís not. Itís a sense of anarchy, and a sense of chaos.Ē

- Robertson Davies, A Mixture of Frailties, 1958

(Anyhoo, I loved this little vignette and thought Maurissa was great in it. And dear.)
I'm still waiting for it to load. I think it isn't.
Great little short film, and Mo was wonderful. A lot was said with no words, but then Buffy fans wouldn't be surprised by that
There are lots of hats.
QuoterGal, it was funny over my RSS feed. And it got me to take a look at the link instead of deleting it. I would have been sad to have missed it. Not that I guess I would have actually known if I'd missed it... and so not actually sad... but you know. Thanks. Maurissa was lovely. And now I have something new to check out. ^_^

And great quote. I'm saving that one.
I'm glad I didn't miss that! A lovely little story - and what beautiful hands Maurissa Tancharoen has.
Yeah, the title is what made me click through. I have to admit that a tiny part of me was thinking "Whew, thank god she isn't quite as perfect as she seems!" but it turns out that I was wrong. She's perfecter.
"This guy? . . .This guy's just weird. Really weird."
That was a lovely little thing. Weird at first, as all relationships are to some point. Definitely could feel the public secret of playing handsies with a perfect stranger.

True, not much was said, but I felt it in my gut when she felt his ring. Wow. Very true. And so sad. She even dressed up for him. punk

I think we need more of Mo. She was wonderful.

And I'll definitely be checking in on this elevator website more. This sort of strangeness is right up my alley, it seems.
That was really involving for something so quick. And much subtlety and emotional realism in Maurissa's acting.
Hey, Malcolm Barrett too. Nice.

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