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September 29 2009

"Wired" talks to Felicia Day about The Guild. Interesting article about Felicia Day and the growing success of the Guild. She also discusses about whether that has led to more mainstream roles, and how the web series format is still evolving

Great article, and some nice pics from the Bui Brothers

The last paragraph though is a tad unnerving, especially: "People think that they have the anonymity of the internet, but with Felicia Day, who has every resource and is a little bit of an internet addict, I will read what you write about me."

For some reason, I get this mental picture of the Eye of Sauron with this awesome long red hair.

Hi Felicia. Love you!
Eye of Sauron? Really? I was picturing her in someone's basement eating Hot Pockets.
Our family stops each week to watch the Guild together. Hey, it's only a few minutes, and we're all geeks who can appreciate the internet scene.

And if you're reading this Felicia, you rock!

By the way, I totally get what Felicia says about mainstream TV these days. It's mostly boooorrrrrinnnng tripe formula stuff. The most frustrating thing about it is the more bland and boring it is, the better its viewership. Go figure.
Both ideas are hilarious. Say... did anyone else look over their shoulder after they read that? Just me then. Hm.
That was a great article.

And about that last paragraph... that's something I learned about Felicia a while back. She sees it all.
You really haven't arrived until Felicia's cyberstalked you. Really.
Heh, while not quite as all powerful as Sauron, I did get a slightly spooked feeling when she referred to herself in the third person in a slightly ominous manner. Maybe something more like Samara from The Ring and the ability to Google haters based off their IP addresses or screennames. (It's that "resources" bit. Actually that sounds a bit more Godfather. ^_^)

I just checked her IMDB and haven't even heard of a lot of the projects she guest starred on, but has anyone seen a majority of them? My standard of cat lady goes straight to the one on The Simpsons so she seems a bit young for that sort of thing. Also, I noticed that she seems to be the star of a TV movie rom-com that was directed by a guy who mostly does slasher horror flicks so I'm rather curious how that turned out.
I noticed that she seems to be the star of a TV movie rom-com that was directed by a guy who mostly does slasher horror flicks...

I Know Who You Did Last Summer?
If she's dyed her hair pink she'd make a great Dandelion.
That was a good article. Aways nice to hear about the everyday stuff for the Guild maker.

And yes, I to looked over my sholder. So now we have two internet haunters to think about, the allseeing eye of Felicia day and Joss stalking the net at night in a purple cape. :)
Ooooh. Purple-Cape Joss. Almost as stealth as Purple-Sweater Joss (as seen in pics from Comic-Con).

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