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September 29 2009

(SPOILER) 7 years after Firefly: Where are they now? Sci Fi Wire takes a look (minor spoilers for Summer's role on Dollhouse).

There are some Dollhouse related miss-characterizations to be found, so watch out.

Thought it was funny that it was mentioned that Alan is in Halo ODST but they didn't mention Nathan or Adam (especially Nathan as he's heavily featured). And Nathan guested on Buffy and had a couple of movies come out too that weren't mentioned. And how could they not mention he was in Dr. Horrible?!?

Miss Match was a cute show and unfortunately got canceled just as Nathan's character was introduced as the love interest. And he was also on Desperate Housewives and LOST too. Just wonder why they left so much out as he's been quite busy.
That particular piece of information that hasn't occurred on the show yet has been given spoiler status here before, so you might want to tag the post. Though it doesn't actually give away any plot.

The other bit is spoiler only if you haven't finished first season, I dunno if that's considered a spoiler on Whedonesque or not.

Nice little article, yay!
7 years? Really? It has been this long?

Wow, time (fire)flies... Still so passionately angry at Fox. Maybe I should move forward in my grief steps.
Wait. Ron Glass??!! is going to be in "Death at a Funeral" in 2010? Is this an upcoming t.v. sit-com or something? I'm confused.

Alan Tudyk was in the 2007 movie "Death at a Funeral," which had him playing my personal fave of his post-Wash roles--or it was until Alpha anyways. Great flick BTW. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
The Ron Glass "Death At A Funeral" thing confused me as well, but it just looks like an american remake of the british 2007 movie that Alan was in.

I can't really see it being better than the British version though. I see a "Coupling" debacle in this movie's future. I mean Frank "Yoda" Oz directed the British one. He has directed several successful comedies. How are you going to top that?

The guy directing the 2010 version directed that horrible "The Wicker Man" remake with Nick Cage.
I added a spoiler tag.
I can see an American remake of "Death At A Funeral" losing all the subtlety and poignancy of the original. It had such a delicious delicate balance. I predict the remake becoming awash in farce. Wes Anderson could probably pull it off, but really, why bother? Why screw with perfection?
I enjoyed the British "Death at a Funeral" well enough but it was pretty far from perfection IMO and quite broad itself in parts (definitely a farce) albeit with a humanity and poignancy that you maybe see more often in UK comedy than US. Alan Tudyk's performance was hugely entertaining though. Mileage varies of course, as always (especially with humour).
Yeah, it ended up farcical, but it ramped up to it and made it seem like the logical conclusion to all that had gone on before hand. It didn't start out there. I loved that ride. I love it when a story starts out in one place and ends up somewhere completely different. Pulling off such a drastic change in tone like that is hard and IMO there weren't any missteps. (Hmm. But maybe I should watch it a few more times --just, you know, to be sure. Ah, the torture. ;-) )

Saje, Many Happy Returns!
BTW... Happy Sereniversary, everyone!
Today is the 4th birthday of the US release of our Big Damn Movie.

The Seattle Browncoats are having a screening of the film to celebrate. I believe it will be held at the Wayward Coffee House.

Here in Indiana, the Southern Indiana Browncoats celebrated early, with the 2nd Annual Browncoats Backwoods Bash on Sept 19th. The 'Bash is a pitch-in Charity Picnic. We raised $290 for the local Women's Shelter.

If you want to, today would be a great time to have a shindig at home, or make a donation to a local Charity, or both.

Happy Day! :D
Cheers Breathestory ;).

And yep, happy "birthday" 'Serenity', you may not have any sequels but at least your knees will always be in pristine condition.

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