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September 29 2009

(SPOILER) "I Can't Really Do Anything Else." Miracle Laurie bringing the humility to an Examiner interview about her many accomplishments. Spoiler for episode two.

Great interview. She sounds really happy and centered.

Question #4 should be on a tee shirt.

.......I must go and find my paints....
Man, she's awesome. Normally cheery people piss me off but she just makes me smile, her answer to question seven was oddly touching.

And I'm really excited for her new season 2 storyline.
I love that she's a Joss fan. And sounds like a complete sweetie.

I also think that she makes me want to take up the ukelele -- I bet it is completely fun.
I just want to give her a big damn hug. :-)
She's all-around fantastic (and breathtakingly beautiful, to boot. Me envious). I wish she were still a series regular. Is she really only in one episode this season?

I love her whole Polynesian/Hawaiian music and dancing enthusiasm. I share it. Heartily.
One episode? Sad. Face.

Where did you hear that, cause I must've missed it.
Who said she was in only one episode? Of course she is in more than one. This is how silly rumors get started, folks. IJS.
She's in more than one episode. She's not ep 3, which is probably the confusion, but then Dichen's not in ep 3 - not everybody is in every ep. I loves me some Miracle, she's a sweetheart.
She is the sweetest person! She sounds so genuine and sincere.
I'm extremely glad to hear she's in more than one episode. I was confused by this in the interview:

"Parker Lots of twists and turns in Season One. What should we expect from Season Two?
Miracle My episode is going to air second."

Sounded like that was going to be that. Clearly, it isn't. Yay.

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