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September 29 2009

(SPOILER) Clips from the second episode of Dollhouse season 2. The first one looks good and does the second clip, the third clip and finally the fourth one.

Dom was leaking information to the media?!
Media? That's a Senator.
Heehee, true. Don't know how I got around to think it implies that he leaked it somewhere else too. :)
I haven't said this about many episodes, but day-yum Eliza!
They should put these clips on Xbox Live.

Clips 3 and 4 are rocking my world...
Wow! You can't judge an ep by its promo trailer.

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My brain is still having trouble working out Alexis's voice. I keep expecting one thing and hearing another.

Everyone looks good this episode, and those brief bits with Miracle and Eliza were epic win. Gonna be a good season this year. ;)
Really nice!
And Kristoffer Polaha on Dollhouse?? I like it!
maxsummers, I knew he looked familiar from somewhere!

He was the professor Eliza dated on Tru Calling.
Oh god. That fourth clip was brutal. And I'm so ridiculously happy to see Alexis Denisof on my screen again!
Eliza absolutely nailed the pain, panic and heartbreak of having a baby ripped from your arms. A bravura performance.
edcsLover9, he was also in Angel (Season 3, Episode 6: "Billy" / He was Billy's cousin or something).

And I liked him in "North Shore" (guilty pleasure show).
Looks pretty cool. Eliza's fantastic acting aside, the non-engagement of the week stuff still looks way more interesting, though.
Oh...WOW. That final clip was amazing. I had to watch it again, the emotions are so raw. Perfect.
I'm trying to hard not to give in to temptation and watch these clips, but all of the comments about Eliza's acting chops are making it hard. Must. Not. Watch. Till. Friday!
Yay! Stacey Scowley as Denisof's... wife, I'm gonna say. When I met her, I was trying to figure out in what context she'd be on the show, but she couldn't say. Now I know.
Poor little baby (:.
Imprint a doll with powerful emotions that don't belong to them, then allow these emotions to tear them apart inside. The wrongness of this is so... well, you know.
...Hilarious and evil.

That's what it felt like when Echo was screaming for her little boy, and those idiots keeping her from him. I felt the panic and anger of the character, topped off with my own sorrow that I knew she wouldn't win.

And that guy was definitely her cheating boyfriend in Tru Calling... getting to the point of creepy stalker IIRC. For him to be a totally makes sense. ;)

It was awesome seeing Madeline take on Adelle. She's totally not Mellie, for sure. She could be her own Madame. I can't wait to see that show down.

Ah, and seen Alexis was adorable. Trying to flush out witnesses, victims, via use of mass media- the power! Poor guy is going to get way over his head. Re: his accent... isn't that his normal voice? His non-Wesley voice? I'm trying to remember his sound from the Angel commentaries... think so... but I'm not quite sure where his true accent would hail from. Anyone know?
My favorite part is how the Fox site is crashing every time I try to load it. It's unintentional, maddening spoiler prevention. I am not happy.
Yeah I went to re-watch them today and it was doing that for me as well. Glad to hear it's not just my computer screwing up.
I'm betting that this wife will be more important to the plot-line than was sometimes-Senator Petrelli's from Heroes.
Fox In Demand, and Hulu are both down for me. Wonder if it's related? Youtube works fine, so I know it's not all video on my computer.

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