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"Oh no. Is that dragon thing behind me?"
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September 30 2009

NCIS:Sunnydale? TWoP ponders this possibility . . .

Hard to find the pic and not really much worth finding there.
Ah, but a brilliant resolution to the proposed scenario. Some government agents know when to let the professionals handle it.

Also note the small (and snarky) Dollhouse reference in the "Flash Forward" slideshow.
How about "Law and Order: Very Special Victims Unit"?
Personally, I think 'CSI: Sunnydale' would make more sense. Mostly because of the high death rate.

I mean, there wasn't exactly a major navy base in that small town. The Initiative not withstanding.

And Giles or Xander could more than adequately deliver the Grissom-like throwaway, one-liners at integral moments.

It's a thought anyway.

~Tara ;)
What with Twilight, True Blood and the Vampire Diaries they need a Law and Order: Special Vampires Unit!
I wanna see Giles crouching over a body and making some snappy one liner about their death while taking of his sun glasses and the who kick in! Ahh, satisfying.
Only if Abby's involeved? Abby rocks!
The NCIS sits this one out and lets some high school kids and a librarian deal with it.


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