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September 30 2009

"Last Angel in Hell" fan-vid contest. Fun contest from Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney - Angel 'Be Kind Rewind' style!

From Brian Lynch:"When the book is out (you gotta pre-order to make sure if your store gets one, reserve one NOW!), there will be a contest to see who can take the book, shoot ANY scene, and make their own LAST ANGEL IN HELL fan-film, BE KIND, REWIND style. No effects needed, just your imagination. Lower budget the better.

The best fan vid will win a huge package of ANGEL/SPIKE stuff from me. Like, a lot. Like, too much. Comics out your ears. Signed signed signed."

What a wonderful idea.
Also, Stephen Mooney is giving ORIGINAL ART to the winner!
Oh I do hope someone has a go. Sounds like great fun, and I'd love to see the results. 'babe Spike' n'all. *g*
I'm totally going to give it a shot.
Great Idea! Can't wait to see, what will come from it!
I'm on the train of enthusiasm. Not sure I'll play, but I'll be there on the side lines, waiting in anticipation, pom poms in hand, for who's the winner and ready to watch their film.

Also, to buy the comic. I've been looking forward to this since the IDW panel at Comic-Con. :D
I think it's quite special. Can't WAIT for you guys to see.
Yep, totally trying to get my friends to help me do this. :D
Ooh shiny, I might have to give this a shot. Added incentive to patiently pre-order then rush out and buy Last Angel in Hell. Blynch and Moondog, you devilishly handsome bastards you!

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