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September 30 2009

(SPOILER) Angel #28 two page preview. Beautiful art, bodes very well! Spoilers for characters featured in the arc.

Just beat me to posting about

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LOL...I was a bit worried about posting twice in a row, but I got very excited at seeing it:)

Aren't the likenesses perfect? I loved Denhams work on the X-Files comic, so I knew he would do a good job. Cant wait to see his Angel.

Glad to see the gang are back together. Based on the inclusion of James and Dez I am interested to see how how much of the "PTB gone bad" aspect of Aftermath will be expanded upon in future.
Well,I did post about it over at the IDW

Yes,the artwork is great.You can tell who everyone is.Very clean and detailed.

Glad to see the gang are back together. Based on the inclusion of James and Dez I am interested to see how how much of the "PTB gone bad" aspect of Aftermath will be expanded upon in future.

Well,Kelley Armstrong's Angel:Aftermath arc was so maligned that I wonder how many are going to be happy that this arc could play into what Willingham does in any way.The general reaction I've seen is people want to have anything relating to Angel:Aftermath to be ignored and never spoken of or heard from again in the Angel comics.So I wonder if this will automatically turn people off to picking up Angel starting with #28 and Willingham's run if they have to deal with anything carried over from Aftermath.It might be a turnoff.

Personally,I had certain problems with Armstrong's run.I hated the gratuitous Cordy appearence with a firey passion.But it had some good ideas such as the PTB gone bad idea as you mention.I think the character Dez has potential to be interesting while I didn't care for James or the idea of introducing actual angels into the Buffyverse.I also liked really having Kate back.

So I'm glad Aftermath won't be ignored since it did have some interesting concepts that could hopfully be handled better in the new creative team's hand.Assuming there are actually going to be a part of this run.I wondering if the second page isn't just sort of a re-cap kind of thing from Angel or another character of ATF and Aftermath for new readers.

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Even though Aftermath wasn't as good as I'd hoped, I'm glad they're not pretending it didn't happen. I'm hoping Bill Willingham can redeem it somehow.

Also, if IDW did pretend it never happened, I'd feel screwed over. "Hey look, we know you spend xx on our comics, but they were rubbish, so... please throw them out and give us more of your money?"
The art looks competent enough, but IMHO, it looks fairly generic too. I guess what I'm saying is that it's inoffensive, but not memorable. To me, at least. But anything beats the mess of the "Aftermath" art...
I tend not to be very picky with art.I've been reading comics regularly since I was 12/13 years old and have seen so many art styles that as long as I can tell who's who then I'm good.Story is more my thing and who the writer is in comics tends to be my focus rather than art.Which was sort of interesting back in the 90's when the comic industry was more focused on the artist rather than the writers.

Not to say,I want bad artwork.But I'm easier to please with art vs. the writing.

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Ya I would be the same. I am finishing up 'Rising Stars' by J. Michael Straczynski and the 24 issues ended up taking 5 years and about 4 artists. But the story is so good that it didnt matter. It didnt take me out of it at all.

Unlike Aftermath.....nothing could help that art:) The characters look perfectly like their respective actors in this, so colour me happy!
That first page makes me want a "Connor in Quortoth" comic.
Yay, that looks great! And I agree, I want a Connor in Quortoth comic too.

I'm pretty excited to have Willingham on the Angel comics. His Fables are one of my all time favorite series.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a lot more picky when it comes to the writing too. However, I also recognize that in a visual medium like a comic, the art is pretty important as a vehicle for telling whatever story the writer has in mind. So I'm pretty picky with art too. And since we don't have any text to go by in this preview, I was only able to judge the art.
Looks alright but i'll remain skeptic in regards to how Spike will be written,used by the new writer(s).
I know what you mean Wenxina I suppose in a comic like this likenesses are so important. Mooney did great likenesses for AtF and it really helped the story. Urru wasnt as good at the likenesses but you could still tell who everyone was. Ross just didnt even attempt likenesses, which did hurt the story.
I'm actually not as concerned with likenesses either, not that I'm claiming that likenesses aren't important at all. I think likenesses are pretty tight in the sample here. It's a slightly more elusive quality that I'm thinking of. Can't quite place my finger on it, but it comes down to this just not being very memorable to me. There is no trademark, no real personality. Kinda like a Doll... pretty, but essentially quite empty.
I know what you mean - the 2nd page is just faces (but good likenesses:)), but that Quartoth page is great, really dynamic.
Glad to see the gang are back together.

Don't bet on it. They're in different frames; that could easily be a "where are they now?" recap sort of panel. After all, we know Connor's Quortoth stay is history, why shouldn't the other panel be, too?
I'm dying for a Connor in Quor'toth story. Really, any excuse to explore the Holtz/Connor dynamic would make me a VERY happy fan. I was one of Holtz and Connor's biggest fans even when they weren't popular.

Love the art. And I'm actually kind of glad they didn't erase Aftermath (which was 99% a failure of the ghastly art). I think this new artist might quickly become my favorite after Mooney (who is so far the best inside artist for either Buffy or Angel). And it's a toss up between Jo Chen and Alex Garner.
Ugh. Does that mean I have to finish Aftermath?

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