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September 30 2009

Dollhouse wardrobe designer Alana Stone answers fan questions. A very extensive Q&A about Dollhouse and her music.

I've never seen Alana's music video before. I have a slight crush now.
She's blond now. And if she's not, my memories are failing me. She's extremely friendly, easy to talk to. I knew she was a singer, but I didn't realize she was so accomplished! Good for her!
Just finished listening to all her songs on her website. Very nice!

I especially liked "Without You" and "I Believe" off her "Secret Garden" CD. The Alanis Morissette influence is very clear, though she seems to finding more of her own voice by her second CD.

Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to be available on iTunes or Amazon, so I can't buy any tracks -- bummer!
She asked on Twitter about sales ideas, and received a lot of feedback. Not sure where that stands at this point.

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