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September 30 2009

Active engagement: a review of Epitaph One. The latest in a series of conversations on the meanings of Dollhouse episodes.

From the same site that recently reviewed the Buffy movie and its original script. I recommend the series of articles highly!

It is one of the best reads about "Epitaph One" I've encountered till now. Thanks for the link!
That is indeed an excellent write-up. Thanks for posting it!
I loved this. Thanks so much for turning me on to this site.
Interesting point about Joss and satire at the end, there. I'm not sure if you could say that anything he's ever written is satire... and yet, I'm not sure if anything he's ever written isn't, to a degree.
Really great to read a good piece of Dollhouse analysis. Thanks for linking.
Regarding Joss and satire: this review made an interesting point about the glorification of subversion. That aside was very apt, I think, because subversion is something that Joss loves.
I think that one reason why satire seems to be both - present and not present - in Joss's work is due to that love of subversion; he (and others on his writing teams) just can't seem to resist subverting something. So when a satirical opportunity arises, Joss may approach satire, but then he ends up subverting the satire instead of following through on it.

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