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September 30 2009

20th Century Fox gets serious about video games. The Cut Scene says that it looks like the studio is getting ready to dive into the video game market. The Variety blog adds that "Fox has a slew of gamer friendly properties, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Family Guy and the Alien and Predator franchises". Reckon you could add Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse to that list.

So maybe now this will breathe some life into the much-speculated Buffy MMORPG?

God, I hope so. I haven't heard anything about it since early last year, and was beginning to think it was dead in the water.

Maybe if the Buffy online game eventually does well, somewhere in the future we'll get an "Angel" game (in some version at least).

Though I very much doubt that, since they couldn't even finish the online "Firefly" game that they were working on.

Still, here's hoping.

*Crosses her fingers*

What about a Dollhouse game? Are there any cool ideas out there? Or would it basically be impossible along the same "It's not genre enough"-style arguments Joss has made re: Dollhouse comics?
Well, the only video game experience I have from them three listed is the Family Guy Game, which was on-par with an average episode of the show. Not great, but watchable/playable.

I'm more than up for a Buffy: Arkham Asylum. I loved Batman so much. One of the only games I've ever enjoyed enough to complete.
I think Universal (?) may own the Buffy rights at the mo, for live action. Multiverse own the Buffy MMO rights, but they've got their own issues goin' on. Firefly MMO is currently owned by Multiverse also.

I'd LOVE a Dollhouse game. Adelle choses a mission, you could play as Topher, pick an Active, load them up with a personality and skills, then send them into the mission. Then you get to complete the mission/situation using whatever skills you loaded. Co-op, somebody could play as another Active or your handler.
I would love an Angel game that covered the timeline of the new comics. Or a MMO of Buffy or Angel, either would work for me. I just need some more Buffyverse.
They really need to make a Buffy/Angel Lego game in the same vein as Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones. So many characters to choose from, so many level possibilities.
I'm not really seeing a Firefly Game. F*X seems to be avoiding the 'Verse, as far as non-DVD profits go. Guess they're afraid to admit they made a mistake back in 2002-3.
I'd love a Firefly game done like the Mass Effect game. When I played that game I kept thinking how great a Firefly game would be if they used a similar engine and a Joss Whedon penned "episode" for it! And both the Buffy games were a lot of fun so I would totally buy a Buffy and/or Angel game.
Whatever happened to the Firefly MMORPG that was being planned?
I always wanted Freelancer to be ported into the 'Verse. With a bockdrop main-story penned by Joss that would be my favorite game ever, I think.
as long as they do a pc version, I'm on board with anything that puts videogames and the Whedonverse together.

Wiesengrund, wasn't there a fan effort to make just that? (except the penned-by-Joss story, of course)
Firefly MMO got held up in, I think, legal issues. Put it this way, Fox sold Multiverse the license, but Universal told me they were trying to sell the Serenity license when this happened.

As for Fox being afraid to admit they made a mistake to make a Firefly game. Uh, they don't care! Firefly made them epic $$$ on DVD, and would too in a good video game.
It'd be excited about this if I though they were able to make anything Buffy related that wasn't Tomb Raider with vampires... Fighting the undead is fine and all but it's not where the heart of the show is yet that's where focus of the games have been.
When I acquired the original XBox, I was really excited if only because I could finally get my hands on copies of both Buffy titles that were released for that platform and still to this day, I enjoy trying to play through both of them. I think I like Chaos Bleeds slightly better than the original, but I found both games to be entertaining enough and feature, for the most part, most of the TV cast's voiceover talent as well...Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn't voice Buffy in either one of them, and Alyson Hannigan and Emma Caulfield don't voice Willow and Anya in the second, but I think a majority of the rest of them return. Giselle Loren, the voiceover actress that voiced Buffy in Sarah's place though, sounds freakishly similar. You almost can't even tell a difference most of the time.

In any event, I'd be thrilled to see more Buffy titles released as video games. Not to mention Angel, Firefly or Dollhouse games.

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Whatever happened to the Firefly MMORPG that was being planned?

Actually, I'd heard that once they decided to make the Buffy one, that they (Multiverse) then pulled all of the money/work out of the Firefly MMORPG.

I don't think they had the time/money for both and thought Buffy would be more lucrative.

I guess they want to see how well that one does first, before they finish Firefly. As Buffy has a bigger fan-base, and more of a concrete franchise.

It always comes to down to money and what's most cost effective.



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