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September 30 2009

No Dollhouse on Friday, October 16th. It's getting pre-empted by baseball.

I remember how this story goes.

::spoiler alert::

The end sucks.

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Countdown until someone starts posting, tweeting, and blogging that this is evidence FOX is killing Dollhouse, despite this being known, expected, and planned in advance...
Ah, within minutes.

ETA: Actually, this might just be someone panicking over not having an episode to watch. Back to the countdown!

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I for one plan to seize the opportunity to experiment with a social life. |-)~

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I'm just saying, the Rangers aren't in it so count that as a Friday I won't be DVR'ing Fox. Oh well.
On the plus side, Topher has programmed up one side.
Go Mariners! Oh wait. They aren't making it to the post season. There is always next year!
Go American baseball!! Hopefully they'll put Dollhouse adverts on during the game
TamaraC, my thoughts exactly! I truly believe the Mariners can make it next year.

Until then, my post-season allegiance is up for grabs. :D
Until then, my post-season allegiance is up for grabs. :D

Eliza Dushku and I are Red Sox fans. Miracle Laurie is a Yankees fan.
I'd get slaughtered if I rooted for the Yankees around here. Red Sox . . . they might work.
Go Blue Jays!
as long as dollhouse returns when baseball season ends. Thats cool.

A thoughtful ad or two during the game is really asking too much.
I believe we've known this for a few weeks already. So, no Fox is not pulling the rug from under our knees, not yet at least.

I believe we'll return from this pre-emption with some special on the show, in time for November Sweeps.
go orioles! er, wait. /goes in the way back machine to 1996 and shoots that kid who took the ball from play against the yankees in the postseason.
I remember they'd always have stars from the respective (broadcasting network) shows sitting in the stands watching the game (Look Don - there's Calista Flockhart from Ally McBeal scarfing down a hot dog).
Perhaps we'll see some Dollhouse cast members at Dodger stadium pretending to care about what's going on. Of course expect Eliza to be a Fenway for her beloved Sox (if filming permits).
Yeah, Nufar's right...we'd heard about this already (check the comments).
I have the feeling the episode that marks the return on 10/23 ("Belonging") will be pretty remarkable. It's written by Jed & Maurissa, directed by Jonathan Frakes and it's - according to Enver - "out of this world", while the guy making all the Dollhouse-promos says it's an all-time fav (followed by a very crpytic tweet that could be directly related to the ep). And I think Keith Carradine should be in there somewhere too, right?
I believe we've known this for a few weeks already.

True but I think Fox is only letting people officially know now.
Actually I appreciate having it clearly 'preempted' because Firefly would air after the baseball game (well after midnight) and be counted as having aired even though virtually no one got to see it (except for freaks like me who stayed up all night waiting for it).
Remind me again what this baseball game is?
Next year's World Series: Mariners vs Cubs. -We can dream, right?
(followed by a very crpytic tweet that could be directly related to the ep).

DeWitt: Topher! I need more power!
Topher: I cannae change the laws of physics Madame!
Go Pirates! Oh wait....good thing hockey starts today! And maybe the Steelers'll try to win this weekend.
Didn't we know this already? Think we did...
We knew, this is just FOX's official announcement.
Eliza's welcome to come to Angel stadium if she wants to watch her Sox lose.
Ugh, that sucks! Stupid baseball! :/
Go Nippon Ham Fighters!
Sorry, wrong country, but they are winning their league.
As for the Dollhouse, this was already mentioned, and I'm sure this will affect other shows. This happens every year, and we'll get back to being Active when November rolls around
November's going to roll around? Does Miracle Laurie know she's going to get rolled? :)
Oh, there are ways to let this escalate into a cascade of bad jokes, but... I'm calm. I'm gonna keep my cool. I hope y'all are bothered by how cool I am.

You stole my thunder...go Orioles. We can win the World Series even though they haven't won a game in two weeks.

I'm rooting for Tigers cause I'm a fan of the underdog.
'Haunted' got pre-empted last season from what I remember.
Not only have we known this since ages, it's not even actually FOX's own first official mention of it, but I can't seem to find the other one.
Friday the 13th falls on the 16th this month... or on a Tuesday. (I never can seem to keep that straight.)
Fox told Dollverse this a while ago - well, confirmed - but I can't remember if/where I posted it. Still, I support people knowing far in advance, so they don't think it's been Drive'd. (still bitter)
Personally, I'm used to it. They (FOX) pre-empt 'Bones' and their other shows every year for this.

So, no surprise there. But thanks for the specific date.

Maybe I'll get to bed early that night, for once.

~Tara ;)
TaraR16 we don't sign our posts here, the username at the bottom of your comments takes care of that for you.
TaraR16 we don't sign our posts here, the username at the bottom of your comments takes care of that for you.

Um, thanks.

As long as this game features the Red Sox, I'm totally fine with this. If it doesn't, then clearly this is a Fox conspiracy.
All this means to me is that Friday Oct 16 is a night for me to catch up on all my other shows...or go to bed early...which is far more likely to be the case.
Might do a "what are your favourite lines from season 2 so far + Epitaph One and Echo" feature so we can bung them in the quoteothingy in the top right corner.
FWIW, the promos guy says this about "Belonging", the episode that airs when Dollhouse returns on 10/23: "I jumped out of my chair multiple times and screamed like a little girl. INSANE."
I see by my Single Malt Whisky of the Month calendar that it is time for the annual Fall FOX Conspiracy Frenzy.

Wow, time flies.

Right then, carry on.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: "The more things change..."
Ohh, and "Go Firefly!"
Go Blue Jays!

Excellent sentiment, zz9 and ditto!


And yeah...I'm not worried. Fox pre-empted shows before Dollhouse came along - including Firefly quite a lot - and will do so after Dollhouse has completed its multi-year arc ;D
Could be worse. Could be American Idol.

Go Jays! (Okay, not playing, but I'm patriotic.)
As long as they're making it clear that Dollhouse will be back the following week, not pushing it to past midnight or skipping eps/showing them out of order.
Seems to me that the promos are a good sign, billing DH as the "main event" after the two new shows.

Saw the promo tonight during Fringe, it actually made the three shows appear to be less of a weird fit than they actually are.

Go Dodgers! Oh, wait - haven't followed baseball for so long, I forgot that the Dodgers have become the West Coast equivalent of the Mets, bad-joke wise.
Which carries a good deal of irony, if you think about it. :)

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