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October 01 2009

Morena Baccarin speaks about her role in the ABC remake of "V". "I didn't have much training in playing an alien".

Never knew she grew up Stateside.

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She is so awesome. This is one of few new shows this season I'm actually really excited to check out.
One thing - have the producers stated (or was it in the pilot) that they are in fact staying with reptilian aliens in the reboot? I know Jeff in one of his videos was talking about reveals, but if they keep it exactly the same... they're not going to be revealing much.

Not that they can't, I was just wondering if this had been officially stated or the magazine was simply inferring the aliens will be reptilian.
Well, azzers, from what I recall of the one trailer that - to me - spoiled a plot twist, the Visitors do seem to be reptilian, based on a 1-2 second shot of a disguised Visitor's face being partially revealed as possessing scaly skin and an eye with a vertical iris (like a cat or snake).

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