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October 01 2009

"The Booby Scare" featuring Alyson Hannigan among others. Breast Cancer Awareness PSA. Other actresses include Emily Deschanel, Kat McPhee, Minka Kelly and Jaime King.

Quite funny. First mentioned on Whedonesque on September 7th.

"Touch a tit, save a tit"

Great campaign, but what does molesting Ricky Gervais have to do with anything?
That is a public service message I can get behind, err support.
Fun! Yet serious.
Yeah, that was actually a bit awful. Way too flippant.
I have to agree. It always great to see Alyson and Emily, but just not funny. I don't know if there can be a funny here.

Could we maybe get a male version with Alan Tudyk, David Boreanez, Nathan Fillion, NPH & James Marsters checking each others prostates?

Cos that would be another laugh riot, yes?
Well, Tom Green did that song ("hey kids, feel your balls, so you don't get cancer") after he got testicular cancer, and that was pretty funny.
Gotta say - not funny to me.

I can totally imagine a funny PSA about breast exams - hell, I think I could write it - so it's not that I think the subject is sacred, but this ain't it.

I don't think that false lump alarms with dramatic music = brings in The Funny nor The Comedy Tonight.

Yeah, not very funny. Appreciate the effort, and I think there's probably a funny sketch there, but this wasn't it.
I have to say that as a person who's had breast cancer ... twice ... I thought this was very funny. Obviously, humor is in the eye of the beholder ;).
resa, glad to have someone share my sense of humor! I really did think it was funny.
The premise was ok, but the writing wasn't there for me. I think the "false lump" joke itself though is going to be very hit or miss. Even if it was executed much better, there are some who are not going to find a false alarm funny. I don't think I'm one of those, but that particular joke didn't seem to do it for me.
This didn't work for me either, which was too bad because I liked seeing all those lovely actresses together--lots of comic (and sexy) potential there, but it just fell kinda flat.

Now I do remember an SNL breast cancer skit from long long ago with Bea Arthur that I thought was hilarious at the time.
While I can see why some people wouldn't like this, or think it wasn't all that well written, I have to say, as a male 20-something, it got my attention.

I've really come to appreciate the move recently to draw more people to breast cancer research and fund raising by making it more interesting to a larger audience with stuff like this and the bumper sticker I saw the other day "save the ta-tas". People will respond to this kind of marketing.
The reveal of the jewel-encrusted bra was amusing. But the paparazzi bit at the end was weird and pointless . It was like they mashed two ideas into one PSA.
Well, sure, "Save the ta-tas" makes me laugh, and I'm a 54-y.o. feminist - so, you know, no sense of humor. ; >
I thought it was kinda funny, but not laugh out loud funny. I mean it had it's moments, it had the right group of actors and really with a little bit more work on the script it could've been an absolutely hilarious but it was too serious for something that's meant to be funny. Either go the dead serious route or go for over the top comedy, but with this subject going for a midground just wouldn't work

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