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October 01 2009

Buffy buffs pay tribute to the vampire slayer. Megan Gogerty of "I Miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fame will be host to "Buffy Lives! A Buffy Tribute and Sing-a-long" at The Englert Theatre in Iowa City this Saturday. And it's free!

Her song will get stuck in your head for days. Which is good - I just watched Hamlet 2 and had the Rock Me, Rock Me, Rock Me Sexy Jesus song in my head earlier.
I am very excited for this! I'm going in a group of 10 people (at last count). I can't wait to sing-a-long with all my local Buffy fans. Don't know if I'll have a costume, but I thought it would be amusing if we all wore bunny ears.
1- Mr. Gordo was only mentioned twice? Wow....

2- I tend to be exactly the opposite with actors if they're in soemthing I like; unless their other stuff consistently disappoints, of course, which Smidge, Aly, Eliza, Emma, Amber, and Mercedes haven't done for me, yet.

3-Without checking dates in IMDB, I think Angelina Jolie 's proeprties were already on the way up before BtVS really hit.
Aw man, wish I still lived in the Midwest! Have fun, guys! :)

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