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October 01 2009

'Victor: The Victor Davis Project' airs tonight in the US. It stars Angel's Mark Lutz (who also wrote it) and it'll be on the Hallmark Movie Channel at 8pm/7c.

I had thought it was the regular Hallmark Channel. If you do live in an area that has the Hallmark Movie Channel, check out this movie. Mark is great at this as the celebrated Canadian swimmer.
Had forgotten about it, but wanted to see it. Normally a Hallmark Channel movie isn't something I'd check out, but this is a project Mark Lutz was passionate about and I always enjoyed him on Angel. And I know it's a sad story, but I freely admit I'll be enjoying his swimmer's build along with the acting/story.

Have to do a search to see if it's airing (re-airing?) on Canadian TV. Or maybe it's out on DVD up here.

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