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October 01 2009

Preview of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The video clip includes Gina Torres performing the voice of Super Woman.

This DVD extra accompanies the recent Superman/Batman: Public Enemies release.

Yep,watched it on my DVD copy.She's the latest Whedonverse alumni to do one of these.

I love these DC Universe Animated Movies.
Two earths? Dagnabit, when I was a kid we had a crisis on infinite earths. And we liked it.

Get off my lawn!

[Looks pretty cool, actually.]
Two earths? Dagnabit, when I was a kid we had a crisis on infinite earths. And we liked it.

Of course, we only had that because when the adults of that time were kids they had... a Crisis on Earth-One and Crisis on Earth-Two.
RayHill for the win!
Man I'm so behind on these though. Was waiting for a couple friends who said we'd get together and marathon Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to catch up, then one of 'em went and watched Green Lantern and the new Superman/Batman without us (he wasn't thrilled with the Superman/Batman one, but loved Green Lantern). I've heard Wonder Woman is very strong, I'll probably start with that and go in order from there (saw all the Bruce Timm individual DC films prior to that).

This looks like fun. I'm betting James Woods' villain will be my favorite ("Owlman" wouldn't have any relation to Dan Drieberg from Watchman, would he? I know a lot of those Watchmen characters were originally meant to be DC characters, so maybe?). Chris Noth is an interesting pick for Lex Luthor, he sounds a lot more like a Clark Kent type.

Dunno about Baldwin as Batman.

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Owlman dates back to the 60s; he was the Batman-analogue member of the Crime Syndicate of America from Earth-3. The original members being him and Ultraman, Johnny Quick, Superwoman, and Power Ring. Their skills werwe getting rusty fighting non-suepr-powered law enforcement agents so they came to earth-1 to challenge the Justice LEague. I've no idea how different this will be.

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