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October 01 2009

(SPOILER) Miracle Laurie returns to Dollhouse. Some details (very general) on Miracle's upcoming episodes. There's another interview with her over at Airlock Alpha.

Yea uhh... :( Thanks for the spoiler. :(

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Isn't there some way to NOT put the spoiler in the title?
There's been several front page entries in the past few months about Miracle's return to Dollhouse.
So that'd make several front-page unmarked spoilers in the last few months.

I'd consider knowing the return of a character in advance to be a spoiler.
News about an actor appearing in a episode wouldn't really be regarded as a spoiler, what they did would be (Obviously there are exceptions but this would be on a case to case basis (see Alan Tudyk last season)). If you're totally spoilerphobic, you are unfortunately going to get spoiled for casting news. Some people didn't like knowing that Summer Glau would be appearing whereas a lot more were glad to be told.
Hm... I think an actor returning could be regarded as a spoiler. Knowing that Summer Glau/Alan Tudyk appearing in an episode isn't really a spoiler, but knowing that Miracle Laurie is appearing in a future episode after her departure last season means that the character is coming back. I think that would be regarded as a spoiler.
I don't think we're going to reach agreement here but if anyone wants to email me to discuss the pros and cons of mentioning specific/general spoilers I would be more than happy to enter into debate about it and take on board suggestions.

But for now if we could get back to the interview, that would be lovely.
I'm glad she's back, PLUS it's the perfect way to explore how an ex-Doll tries to reintegrate with the outside world.

Now the song "Mellie's Coming Over" by Letters to Cleo is in my head.
My favorite part of all of this:

We now have Echo aware of all of her personalities and searching for her true self, Claire Saunders is aware she's not her real personality but does want to be anyone other than who she currently is, and now with Madeline we get to see what happens after they are released from the Dollhouse. I love how they are all in a different state of mind. I wonder what else we'll see with Sierra and Victor.

Plus, if Madeline was released from her contract early...there's gotta be some consequences. Right?
It's what makes good drama.

I also added another interview with her to the entry seeing as they are of similar nature.
She and the other actors on the show, including series star and executive producer Eliza Dushku, pushed through social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook begging fans to call Fox and let them know they wanted "Dollhouse" to stay on the air.
Erm. While they pushed this, to be sure, I'm pretty sure the idea to contact FOX en masse wasn't theirs, but came from the fans themselves.
The above quote about Miracle and Eliza, as well as the misconception that Felicia was the first to announce that Epitaph One wouldn't air, are just two examples of actors on Twitter being held responsible for things they only played a small part in.

Great interview with Miracle, though. You can tell she's very invested in the show as a whole and where her character(s) fit into its mythos.

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