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October 02 2009

Emma Caulfield's controversial cat webcomic. Emma and the rest of the Contropussy team chat to Newsarama "about the virtues of webcomics, how an animal cast can work for you, and what exactly the title means".

Evil Rabbits...daresay, BUNNIES! ^-^
I rather wish they'd broached the subject of how a comic can run for two months without telling one single joke.
It's shocking, but not in the way they'd hope.
I am not sure I get it....
Pretty sure I don't either.

"Humpty Dumpsters" was grinworthy though, from strip no. 4.
I don't think there's much to "get." Kinda like "Pluggers" with more action or "Frog Applause" with additional development, but all basically pointless. This isn't meant as criticism; a Republican is not supposed to speak ill of another Republican, after all.

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