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October 02 2009

The 20 Year Journey of "Toy Story". Empire chronicles the 20-year-long journey to realize 1995s "Toy Story" from concept to computer-animated acclaim. Praise for Joss Whedon's work on the film can be found on page 10.

I dunno if this is worth a separate news post (so will leave it to someone else) but don't forget that Toy Story 1 + 2 3D was released for a limited two-week run in cinemas today :)
Except, not in the UK, it seems. We're getting two separate releases to maximize potential gross, a few months apart. Pixar loves to release their movies months after their stateside appearance over here. It's redonkulous.
Yeah, I've been looking forward to the rerelease of Toy Story. It was my favorite movie as a kid.
Jayne tell me about it. Wall-E we did well with but everything else. Pff. Up comes out here next week, and the DVD is out in America next month. Ridiculous.

Plus as you say, the fact they've split Toy Story and 2 isn't out til Jan. And a trailer for Toy Story 3 which was meant to be attached wasn't.

If I didn't fanboy Disney so much I'd probably be more annoyed.
Ashley, you're gonna Love "UP". That might take some of the Disney sting away. :D

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