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October 02 2009

(SPOILER) TV Guide Canada's Top 50 Fall Guest Shots. TV Guide Canada's staff have compiled their list of the top 50 guest shots for the fall season.

The list gives props to both new and previously visited guests (from what I recall of various TV show plotlines), with our beloved Ms. Glau coming in at the penultimate position (ooh...alliteration!) of 49. Spoiler tag for anyone still avoiding info on Summer's near future acting roles AND a rather spoilerific shot of Summer's former TSCC costar, Brian Austin Green, for his multi-episode arc on Smallville.

And what about Mark Sheppard, huh? 50 Top Fall Guest Shots (including Jamie Bamber in Dollhouse at number 41) and not one...NOT ONE...of Mr. Guest Starring hisself, Mark Sheppard?!? I am shocked and dismayed! Shocked and Dismayed, I tell you!!! Canada, you disappoint me so.
Maybe we have to blame Canada for being deficient in Mark Sheppard guest star awareness. Umm ... what does he have coming up, anyhow?
I was expecting to see more of him in this summer's run of Leverage, but it didn't happen.

I feel bad for Brian Austin Green for the same reason I felt bad for James Marsters in the same situation. Smallville is just the bottom of the barrel. Unless it's improved a thousand percent since I stopped watching, about three seasons ago.
I don't think it's a case of awareness being lacking, Shey...but more a case of Mark Sheppard being too good at being someone who you remember as one character or another rather than for the person him/herself.

Only from watching Firefly, and then re-watching old episodes of VIP or Star Trek Voyager have I personally clued in to the tip of the iceberg re: the stuff Mark's done before that I saw the first time it aired but didn't connect the dots of him being the same actor playing roles like a OTT baddie and Icheb's conflicted scientist father respectively on the shows mentioned.

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