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October 02 2009

Dollhouse Season 1 on DVD for pre-order in Brazil. Both the DVD and Blu-ray are expected to be released in Brazil on November 5th 2009.

That tacky tag you see means "programmed for danger"... FOX just sucks at advertising, and as you can see their bad taste is spreading worldwide. But to put that on the DVD cover is just going too far.

It's completely normal to put it on the dvd... It's the name of the show here. Might be a tacky name, but it's the name. Just be glad they used "Dollhouse" instead of "Casa de Bonecas".

Also, it's kinda awesome that it's going to be released here this soon! We don't even have all Buffy and Angel seasons (I'm not even gonna mention Firefly...), so to see Dollhouse on pre-order even before Season 1 is completely aired here, it's really really good.
And I mean they use that as part of the name of the show as if it were "Dollhouse: Programmed For Danger". All action shows are associated with danger for some reason here. Alias was "Alias: Danger Alias", now that one makes even less sense.
Kinda ironic that we're getting this news today, considering that other big news that must be dominating the news cycle today.

The programmed for Danger part is actually part of the entire FX promotion throughout Latin America.

Finally a local release considering that Fox Home Entertainment have yet to complete the releases of Buffy and Angel, and never got to release Firefly. Not like there's much work needed. As I tweeted last week the R1 DVDs included Pt-BR (Portuguese) subs, which actually works and are pretty good.

ETA: Friendly starting price rate (it always drops at some point), though importing R1 from Amazon still cheaper.

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There's a R1 Blu-ray copy being sold at Mercado Livre for R$120,00. That's what I call cheap. And I actually have bought one Angel DVD set from the same seller a few years back, if anyone is interested he is totally legit.
"Programmed for Danger" makes little or no sense in this context, imo.

I can't resist going OT briefly and extending a big congrats from the U.S. to Brazil for the Rio Olympics. Bravo!
Seems like they will have problems to translate "Active", since it was used the masculine form in the Echo description.

Thanks phlebotinin, but I'm afraid we are not prepared to the job. There's very few things complete to the World Cup and a lot of mess.
I really dislike those tags and all, but Dollhouse's is not that bad. What I hate is when they try to translate the title of the show. It seldom works.

I was surprised to see this pre-release that soon, BUT it's obvious that in blu-ray terms (heck, even in dvd terms), buying the region 1 version is cheaper. Or at least just as cheap as buying the national version, in rare cases. Yesterday I got in the mail my shiny Angel season 1, region 1 box set. For 8 dollars total, factory sealed, from ebay. Try to beat that lol
And DH's blu-ray from Amazon is still cheaper than 120 reais (something around 60 dollars). So, I'm happy to see DH release here, it's really good, but our prices are still pretty absurd.

btw, miss u maxsummers ;)
Well, getting the Angel Complete Collection or the Chosen Collection during a Amazon Gold Box offer beat that. And the best part their compact.
This is ridiculous. Season 1 hasnít even finished airing in Brazil and they already have their release date. Meanwhile, in Australia DH finished in August and we still have no freakiní clue when the DVD is coming out. Every other show I can think of has been either released or has a set date but for some bizarre reason Dollhouse is taking forever. What gives?
Is Brazil Region 4?
yes it is region 4.

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