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October 02 2009

(SPOILER) More on Cabin in the Woods Manga. Includes a first glimpse at two of the characters.

I can't even begin to imagine who's on the right.
I added the spoiler tag since what's on the right does look kind of spoilery in its clawtasticness.
Actually on zoom they look like very long nails. Ghoultastic in general though.
Yeah, I wasn't sure whether it would warrant a tag or not. Thanks, Sunfire. :)
Man, I so want to look, but I was gonna try and stay as spoiler-free as possible for this film, outside of casting news.

What the hey, I could die tomorrow. *looks*

Eh, nothing too spoilery from the looks of it, aside from maybe some possible assumptions to be made about what might be in the film. But I figured we'd get something along the lines of from the feel of the poster art and not just a (though I can't tell just from that one piece of character artwork which of those three it'll be).
Theres a Cabin manga?



[ edited by Rhodey on 2009-10-03 03:53 ]
Oh. I think I understand what this is going to be, maybe. Hah.

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