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October 02 2009

(SPOILER) Trailer for Dollhouse episode 2x03 "Belle Chose". It's written by Tim Minear.

Hopefully someone can soon find a copy that's not an ad for illegal viewing sites.
What b!X said.
Esunaga! And all was well. it me, or did the trailer drop a nice foreshadowing bomb with the Topher-Adelle convo snippet being about remote wipes and their supposed impossibility? Admittedly, we won't know whether such a thing's successful or not till the episode airs...but it's another step toward Epitaph One, scenario...isn't it?
That was my thought also.
giddy and up for this new installment of goodness...looks quite compelling and Victor's back!!!
echo was remote wiped in grey hour no?
Yes, but Topher isn't the one who did it, and he insisted it was impossible. So presumably he doesn't know how.
And I still can't stand that we can't seem to get no-cruft promos on YouTube.
From what l've seen, lt seems pretty cool.
I think that Toper will try to remotely wipe Victor but instead accidently switches his imprint with Echoes. I don't know why or how, but that's the impression I got from the press release and other bits of info that we have about this episode.

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