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October 03 2009

The Mail to give away 'Nobel Son' on DVD this Sunday. Eliza Dushku's movie is turning up as an exclusive DVD in the Mail on Sunday. As it hasn't yet been released in cinemas in the UK or on region 2 DVD, this is the first UK release. Catch it while you can!

I did some editing. Please proofread and edit post titles and descriptions for punctuation and grammar. If something is worth posting, it's worth posting clearly so other people can understand it. I don't meant to pick on gingyfromshrek in particular. Other people have been doing this lately too.
Rats. I swore off buying the Mail after their anti BBC bias and their printing a whole bunch of sensationalist crap, including criticising the pay of the BBC's Director General. (Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail is paid about twice as much, but they failed to mention that little fact.)

I suppose I can buy one copy to see Eliza's movie.
It's a good movie and has a nice twist to it.
I watched it online a while back and enjoyed it and then i found out i wasn't on DVD, so now it's in the paper i will be buying it :D
The edition of the Mail on Sunday in the Republic of Ireland gave it away a couple of months ago and I thought the UK had gotten it at the same time .

I wonder what caused the delay .

That so called newspaper will never enter my house, not even for Eliza.
This movie is really really bad. Truly ridiculous. Only get it if you need a coaster or a frisbee.
It's not that bad. Alan Rickman is, after all, Alan Rickman, so it's more than watchable.
Much as I would like to check out Dushku's "Nobel Son", I still can't cope with the idea of supporting Rupert Murdoch's media empire and it's global influence. His newspaper outlets such as Daily Mail use gimmicks like this to sell papers and push his consevative leanings. It's wrong that one person controls as much of the media as he does.
Dalton, the vast majority of Joss Whedon's work has been a part of Rupert Murdoch's empire, so I find it strange that you'd say that.
Daiton, the Daily Mail is not owned by Robert Murdoch.
But Dollhouse is....
Keep an eye on the Charity shops. Mail dvds always turn up in the likes of Age Concern or Scope mere days after they've been in the paper no matter the quality.

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