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October 04 2009

Sometimes substitutes are better than the real thing.'s TV critic Heather Havrilesky tells us why she thinks Dollhouse is the most exciting drama series this fall.

'"Dollhouse" is back and, for the record, it remains a feisty, smart, dynamic, strange, thoughtful, provocative and, yes, deeply disturbing drama in its second season.'

Loved this...thanks! :)
same here. It's interesting some people think the Dollhouse is a metaphor for TV. How about mass culture in general? made me take a look at Joss' stuff with Joyce Millmans review of "The Body" ( Over here the Buffy TV show was marketed as "Beverly Hills 90210 with vampires". In a double bill with "Charmed" of all things. I had seen the Buffy movie, and when reading about a TV show ... well, those are always not as good as the original movie, aren't they?
And recently I started to wonder ... is FOX a good place for a Joss show? I'm not in the U.S., but from what I hear about their right wing nutjobs attempts at "news simulation", I'm pretty sure i would despise that station and just not tune in.
FOX the broadcast network isn't the same as FOX the cable news channel. Ultimately the same ownership, but completely different activities.

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I think it's the most subversive show in ages.
Which, Dollhouse or FOX News?
well, take a look at both (especially Fox and Friends and Glenn Beck) and it's pretty obvious which is more subversive
same here. It's interesting some people think the Dollhouse is a metaphor for TV. How about mass culture in general?

Sure but since it's on TV, it works a few ways as a metaphor/critique of TV specifically (as well as society/culture in general). It can be both.

As deeply unnerving as a tale of hired whores and fantasy substitutes may be, let's keep in mind that this modern world is filled with whores of all shapes and sizes, making the dollhouse a fitting metaphor for almost every one of our stupid lives.

I liked this, had a touch of the Charlie Brooker about it ;).
I have a little crush on Heather Havrilesky.
Which, Dollhouse or FOX News?

Dollhouse. What it gets away with is astounding. Though had there been a media hue and cry about it we may have got more viewers *sighs*.
That's an interesting article but I'm still a little concerned that the writer could convincingly argue that there's any worth to The Hills and brings it up to the level of Project Runway and Dollhouse. If any thing it seems like to the unfamiliar they can just ruin the opinions people form about PR and Dollhouse by association.

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