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October 04 2009

The Dollhouse Initiative. A blogger explains what's great about Dollhouse and what you can do to help promote it. And if you have any ideas yourself, do mention them.

Mostly positive. But some of the "it was Fox's fault" lines aren't exactly endearing. If you want to build coalitions, alienating certain people from it is not a very good step. I'm not saying Fox is blameless either... but those executives are your allies, not your enemy.

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The suggestion to "All you have to do is every Friday night, turn on your television. Turn it on to your local FOX network at 9:00pm EST and just watch. Or donít watch. Maybe you just leave it on in the background Ė Iím sure most of you have more than one television in your house, so you could put Dollhouse on one of them. The point is, turn it on. Maybe DVR it and watch it within the next seven hours" is utterly worthless unless you are a Nielsen household.

And while telling people about the show is a good thing I have seen many comments in many places that say OTT evangelising will turn more people off a show than on.

Mention it, if it comes up in conversation. Say it's good, then stop talking.
A twenty minute lecture about how the show is "the greatest thing eva!!1!" is going to guarantee that person is not going to watch, and they'll be careful to never be alone with you ever again.
We did learn a lesson from the fan campaign to help Serenity.

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