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October 04 2009

Has the Firefly Easter Egg on the Castle stage set been found? Nathan twittered about it and the hunt began.

Nathan twittered "Nice to see Jewel Staite and Hubby at Castle today. Showed her the Firefly Easter Egg on Castle set. Can YOU find it?"

Somehow I doubt that's it.

Couldn't you see just see Nathan telling Jewel to try and find the Firefly Easter Egg and when she couldn't then pointing to that and then Jewel ...

I hope we find out someday.
I believe that Nathan said in an interview that he put the FF/S-related object in a drawer on set. So unless he later takes it out during a scene, I believe that we will see it when someone (as viewed from their perspective) looks into a drawer for something else.

Although I have no knowledge of what the object is, my money's on:
1) Mal's pistol,
2) a PAL com, or
3) Serenity money.

Of course, one of his action figures could strike up a funny conversation. ::giggles::
Could always be frozen in carbonite Han Solo...hrm.
it's the catalyzer! it was in the "vampire weekend" episode. i had to go to hulu and keep staring hard and there it was sitting RIGHT THERE... it's so obvious now... i'm ashamed to call myself a browncoat for not seeing it sooner >_<

from nathan's twittering as of 12/28/09:

How did the catalyzer come to my possesion? I got it the same way Mal would. I stole it.

about 13 hours ago from Tweetie Look closely, when Mal comes out the door- under the gun, under the boat, just to the right. It's a nothin' part, till ya need one.

about 13 hours ago from Tweetie It looks like @andreajean915 found the Easter Egg. Haven't checked everyone's guess but she's the first. It was... the CATALYZER. BSTL.

about 14 hours ago from Tweetie If you are thinking the Easter egg of lore is the browncoat you are mistaken. I said you have to be clever, astute, acutely aware, and cute.
8:18 AM Oct 26th from Tweetie

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