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October 04 2009

(SPOILER) Preview pages for this week's Angel #26. "Boys And Their Toys," Part 1 of 2 by Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney.

Looks like a hoot.

Love it! This is gonna be great.

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i like the artwork. it's dynamic, the characters are well captured. funnily written, too.

as much as i love the buffy/angel epic, as with all epics, it should come one day to an end.

i don't want to see infinite issues until the end of my life, like it was a mere soap opera.

what do yout think?
This is absolute comic GOLD, I heart the thought of Spike being cast as a chick so incredibly madly. And the 'San Diego SciFi Festival' bits were squirmingly close to fandom- complete with 'Joe Sweden is my Master Now' costume!
I am officially upgrading my rating from 'Whatevs' to 'Can't Wait'!

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That was a great preview. I'm looking forward to this !
That twas EXCELLENT*squidilly-deee!*. Cannot wait. I just can't.... and I'm trying. Anyone got a time machine?
Very funny stuff indeed (and accurate too). Looking forward to it.
Ah screw it I'll just freeze myself.
Oh I'm so looking forward to getting this! It looks like being a real scream. *g*
High-larious! Might actually go and buy this one!
*snicker* Angel's expression on the last page. This is priceless.

By "last" I meant "second to last". Missed the actual last one the first time through.

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If the other 17 pages of this are as funny as the 1st 5 pages....I am gonna be sore from laughter:) That was hilarious. Angel's face watching the movie - priceless! Likenesses are perfect.

Also if the Last Angel in Hell annual is as good as the preview we get in this...gonna be a riot:)

Also I love the McGuffin that brings Angel to the Con (the Flaming Sword). Been to long since Angel has been in the comic - back with a bang methinks:)
Hee! This looks absolutely perfect! I already laughed my ass off at the preview pages. I can't help it, I love chick!spike.
I love this already! She-Spike is great!

And thank you Mr Mooney, for making the characters actually look like the characters! It's been a while since I've seen Angel!
I'm so glad you guys dig what you've seen. Can't express enough what a good feeling it is to read all this positive feedback. Thank you thank you.

And Mr. Mooney is amazing, no?

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