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October 05 2009

Review of Pre-Buffy Joss Script 'Afterlife'. Script Shadow has a review of a Joss Whedon spec, "Afterlife," written in the early '90s.

A movie about a girl who's being stalked by a possessive demon after being resurrected from the dead, eh?
imprinting personalities he should do a tv show about that!
So wait is the actual script posted somewhere? 'Cos I'd like to read it.
barboo: For the time being, the link to the script is at the end of that post.
Thanks for the link!
I vaguely remember talks about this project with Jean-Claude Van Damme attached, about 15 years ago.
I've had a copy of this for some years; interesting read.
That just sounds like such a rip-off of dollhouse!
I hope you are being sarcastic, eth3er considering this is a script from the early 1990s.
I hope YOU'RE being sarcastic, J.
Good stuff. Weird sense of deja vu, though--there were bits that reminded me of "School Hard," the Initiative, and Serenity, to name just a few.

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