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October 05 2009

Listen to the first episode of Angel Between The Lines. It's a fan audio drama set between Angel seasons 3 and 4. If you've followed Buffy Between The Lines, you know you'll be in for a quality listening experience.

yay, it's finally here!
That was actually really good. The voices behind Fred and Gunn were particularly good!
I'm so excited about this season of Angel Between the Lines! We're doing a lot of extra content (every day something will be up on the website and a lot of planned goodies along the way).

And, the season finale of Angel Between the Lines is a musical! Special thanks to our cast/crew of over 200 folks who work to get this production done!
Ohh I've been looking forward to this! I LOVE BBTL.
Ack, how did I miss this post the other day?! This episode is my baby--I'm so proud to be part of the crew, and even prouder to be a fan :)

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