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October 05 2009

James Marsters on Lie to Me tonight. James is guest starring tonight and Marc Blucas is on next Monday. If the rumours about a Bones crossover come true, the show will pull a Buffy boyfriend hat trick.

"Buffy boyfriend hat trick" may be my new favorite phrase of all time. Now, how to work it into everyday conversation....
Thanks for the reminder of a nice news..! Can't wait to see this episode! I started watching "Lie to me" after reading that James was gonna be on it (and then that Marc was gonna guest there as well), and I actually loved the show..So, bring it on!!
And bring the "Buffy boyfriend hat trick" on, too! Because, that would be awesome!
Really looking forward to this! Tim Roth and James Marsters! There is no bad
cool l haven't seen my boy james in awhile.
And...another fine performance. TV PTBs, how about a regular gig for James -- please?
Good performance but WAY too little. We need him as a series regular!
Holy cats, that was terrible. What an inane show -- that's 44 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
pretty good ep. just figures he would get killed off immediately.
As always James gets the tiniest scootch of screentime and yet he's the character I'll remember. This was just an appetizer...could someone give him a larger role? I am hungry to see this man really be given some time to bring his own special flavor to the mix.
Another "five minutes of screen time" role for an actor who deserves so very much more. Although this was probably my favorite Lie to Me so far, apparently there's no hope of JM coming back.

No matter how little they give him to do, he always does it superbly, and has such presence and charisma. This man deserves a decent, reoccurring role on a quality show, at the very least.

Eagerly awaiting Caprica and hoping that will be the one.
I am counting the days to Caprica and at least 3 eps with James. At least we know he won't be killed off for a while. Loved him in Lie to Me, just someone give him a role in a series and I will be there watching.
What other boyfriends were on Lie to Me? I don't remember any.
*pout* Couldn't they have had him shot but in critical condition? You know he had lovely tension with Lightman's ex.... although it would've been cooler to see him face Tim Roth instead.

Oh, well. Its better than nothing!

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