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October 05 2009

Dollhouse Essay Competition > Write > Win > Get Published (And Paid!). Smart Pop Books are bringing a books of essays about Dollhouse and are looking for contributions. The best bit (well apart from getting published and paid) is that the book will be edited by Jane Espenson.

Did we kill the site already?
I have a sneaky feeling we may have. Nice competition btw, I'd love to see people here having a crack at it.
For those who are curious, while that site isn't loading, Smart Pop is an imprint of BenBella Books which has a long and storied history of publishing tomes of interest to Whedonites. So you know they're legit.
When they came out with one of their Firefly books, they smartly asked the fans to proofread the essays before it was published. This is the next logical step.
Ben Bella is a publisher who knows its audience.
Oh, my. Must do this!!!

If the site ever loads again...

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So gonna do this! :D
Super neat! Going to give it a shot. :)
This is niftier than sliced bread and tastier than chocolate. (I spoke gastronomically. My metaphor was drawn from food.)

I gots an idea. I gots an idea. Yay.

Actually, I've had this idea for weeks. It's just that now there's this incentive.

Thanks to Ms. Jane & BenBella for doing this.

And, oh yeah, to Joss et al. for the show in the first place. Hopefully, not in the last place.

Did I... break the site?

For a little while.

Will it load now?

It just might.
US and Canada only?


I'll email them tomorrow to see if we can still submit anyway, regardless of prizes.
I gots an idea too. I don't know if I can generate 3000 words and avoid quoting the show, but I might as well try.
Sounds like all kinds of fun.
I was all excited till I read the "US and Canada" only part. Ashley, hope they say we can still submit. To those who can enter: happy writing!
Neat, I may just have to submit one. Feb is too far away, I'll give myself the time and then procrastinate. It needs to be due next week!
Awesome! I might consider writing something...but my thoughts on the show are far too scattered (right now). We'll see....
Arrrrgh, I'm just now reading Gayatri Spivak on Echo (ya know... the kind kind) and thinking about writing an essay about it (and how it changed my interpretation of "Instinct" in an, erm ... instant), but... boy do I hope people outside the US can contribute without having to enter the contest.
Emailed Smart Pop and will post what they respond with here regarding international entries :)

I said that this is something I am interesting in pursuing, regardless of any cash prizes, and I feel that an international perspective and potentially an analysis of international response and performance, could be beneficial for the book.
They're likely reading this thread anyway, if their Twitter account is any indication.
I dunno, so much harboured resentment over a bit of religious persecution, a century or so of tyranny and 300 years of old-world condescension. And you already got us back by dumping loads of tea and exporting 'Ned and Stacy'. I say we forget this foolish "US and Canada only"ness that's come between us.
I know Saje, will they never let it drop?
But anywho, I think Smart Pop will be innundated with international contributions. We're Whedonites, rules don't apply to us!
As an update: Smart Pop has dropped the "US and Canada" only requirement.

4. While we will accept and consider entrants from countries other than the US and Canada, we will only award prizes based on what is permissible by the laws of each country.

Super! Thanks for the heads up.
Well we've won this onto the fight to keep Dollhouse going.

OK, I was gonna move onto getting Snickers called Marathons again but yeah, I guess we can do the 'Dollhouse' thing first.

Once more unto etc. etc.
So glad they dropped the US & Canada thing! Much of the "freshest, funniest and most insightful" writing on this site comes from you overseas types. I don't usually buy these kinds of books, but I'll buy one if there are Whedonesquers in it!

And honestly Saje, no one wants to think about how they'll need to run 24 miles to burn off that chocolate bar. :-)

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